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New, Current, Faster and Enhanced: The Internet Platform




New, Current, Faster and Enhanced:
The Internet Platform

The world of metallurgists, foundry engineers, mechanical engineers, material engineers, chemists and consultants deserve to be globally presented.

International competition, changed, growing and merging markets create pressure on everyone involved.

In German there is a saying, “Gekauft wird, wo gegossen wird” meaning “It will be bought, where it is casted”. This is partly true, but as long as modern foundry technology is practiced all over the globe, it is possible to produce good castings everywhere.

Ten years ago when forward-thinking, European suppliers asked me how the global foundry industry would be presented in media, my answer was: Digital, with!

In April of 2015, will be online for 10 years and it was high time for a new, contemporary, fast and enhanced performance with substantial landing pages to accompany main topics.

I am pleased to announce and celebrate with you today the launch of the "New", and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters, especially in the supplier industry.

Over the last ten years, we have built up an impressive network of market companions. Our readers, foundries, universities, consultants, associations, investors and cast buyers, YOU are also thanked as well as my Foundry-Planet team.

And now, enough said, the engineer wants to promote solutions.

Please let us know your thoughts on new launch of, we’ll be anticipating to hear from you.

A Heartfelt Good Luck!

Thomas Fritsch
Foundry-Planet Ltd

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