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GM threatens plant closures

NORTH AMERICA - General Motors announced at its annual meeting on June 3 the closure of four truck plants employing 10,000 workers in North America.

GM said it would stop making trucks at plants in Oshawa, Canada, and Toluca, Mexico, as well as at U.S. plants in Moraine, Ohio, and Janesville, Wisconsin. The announcement came at a time of falling sales of pickup trucks and SUVs and GM said its plans would cut US$1 billion from its structural costs by 2010.

The CAW, UAW and the IUE-CWA are fighting the closure of the plants and acting to protect workers and families in the affected communities. Unions from outside America have also sent letters of solidarity to the workers affected by the threatened closures.

Responding to global auto industry restructuring is the main issue that will be discussed by trade unions representing auto workers from around the world at the World Auto Council meeting of the International Metalworkers' Federation in São Paulo next week.

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