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On 30th November 2018, the annual Amafond Congress took place at Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel in Rezzato (Brescia area). Great participation from suppliers and the most important italian foundries made for a total of over 200 attendees.

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The Congress, which was moderated by the Radio24 journalist Debora Rosciani, saw the opening of the works with the intervention of Amafond President Maurizio Sala, who gave the numbers of the sector and spoke about the importance of the Industry 4.0 plan that allowed many companies to modernize their machineries.

The event's speakers included Assofond President Roberto Ariotti, who gave us an interesting overview of the Italian and European fusion industry; the representative of Schulz Brazil Bruno Ferrari Salmeron who stated the numbers from Brazil and South America with insights on the automotive and components industry, trucks and buses, agricultural machinery; Clepa President Roberto Vavassori, who made an interesting analysis of the European suppliers in the automotive sector and highlighted how the location of the current motorization is changing from Europe to China, which is becoming the new technical and technological center of this sector; the Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance Hon. Massimo Garavaglia, who ensured that in the future, there will be funds for mechanical and metallurgy sectors.

Also this year we dedicated a moment to the delivery of the Awards to the Career to people who have contributed with their history to develop casting industry in Italy and all over the world.

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