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Handtmann orders fourth Westomat Duo dosing furnace from StrikoWestofen

Compact and energy-efficient with maximum uptime

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Handtmann Group’s light metal casting division has ordered its fourth Westomat Duo dosing furnace for its Annaberg site in Germany. With five StrikoMelter melting furnaces, fifteen Westomat Classic and three Westomat Duo dosing furnaces already in operation at the facility and another one to be installed, Annaberg’s new line – its 22nd – will produce battery compartment parts for electric vehicles.

A compact version of the Westomat Classic dosing furnace, which is highly focused on footprint savings in relation with the HPDC cell layout. The Westomat Duo is a perfectly suited addition to the Annaberg site. With a 14% smaller footprint than the Classic, the Duo will allow the company to run 8 die casting cells using floor space that would previously have accommodated only 7, fully optimizing the foundry space available.

Space-saving productivity boost for light metal casting

A leading automotive supplier for drivetrain castings as well as body and chassis parts, Handtmann currently operates aluminium casting lines at its Annaberg site that employ a mix of die and gravity casting processes. It produces a total of 12,500 tons of castings in 2020 and, in 2021, up to 1600 tons per month.

The Westomat Duo’s compact size and reliable performance really appealed to Handtmann. The extra casting cell they are able to run as a result of space saved will certainly help boost productivity.

With two alternative positions for the riser tube, the Westomat Duo can be positioned in parallel with the die casting machine (DCM), saving space while making pouring, cleaning and maintenance access easier too. By using the second riser tube opening for sampling, Handtmann is also taking advantage of the fact that sampling can be carried out as far away from the refilling position as possible, giving the most accurate possible results as well as simplifying the sample-taking process.

Reliable performance that puts safety first

This latest investment demonstrates how satisfied the company is with the performance of its existing StrikoWestofen equipment – and especially the Westomat Duo.

To lower the metal density index after filling, Handtmann’s existing Duos employ degassing lances for purging instead of porous plugs, and the new Duo will use this option again. The Westomat Duo’s new modular pneumatic unit also makes it much easier to upgrade with digital sensors and other components.

“We are a forward-thinking business always looking to leverage new technology. With our new Westomat Duo, we know we have guaranteed performance now and have an easy way to enhance our lines in the future”,

Heiko Blei, Foundry Manager at Handtmann Annaberg.


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