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Helping Customers Produce High Quality Parts

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General Chemical Corp. products have been developed with the goals of helping customers produce higher quality parts, while improving their efficiency, reducing waste and lowering their overall production costs. In addition, General Chemical’s process aids are backed by 30 years of experience supporting manufacturing customers around the world. General Chemical Corp. provides a wide spectrum of foundry metal casting chemicals which includes metal cleaners, immersion cleaners, steam cleaners, investment casting, rust inhibitors, core paste/hot shell adhesives, mudding compounds, sand treatment, pattern treatment and release agents.


In any Sand Casting Process it is important to keep the core boxes clean and free of any residue to insure a proper sand casting is prepared with the appropriate dimensions. Foundry Metal Cleaners are typically used for this application. They break down any residue resin so that it can be easily removed from the cavities of the core boxes.


General Chemical Corp’s Foundry Metal Cleaners are solvent based products that can be used during in-line operations to reduce any down time for cleaning operations.

As such, Foundry Metal Cleaners help to improve your process by reducing down time, increasing tooling life and improving core quality. For more persistent resins, versions of Foundry Metal Cleaners are provided that are amine activated to increase their effectiveness.

Following grades are available with trade name:

  • Foundry General® Metal Cleaner CM  (Amine Activated)
  • Foundry General® Metal Cleaner HF  (Amine Activated)
  • Foundry General® Metal Cleaner 95   
  • Foundry General® Metal Cleaner 4375  (Amine Activated)
  • Foundry General® Metal Cleaner 4377  (Amine Activated)  


Provide unique formulation based on water-extended NMP and water borne, alkaline formulations that have been designed to aggressively break down urethane resins and release agents from the screens, vents and surface of core boxes.  General Chemical’s water extended, NMP formulas provide a safer work environment while alkaline formulations provide zero to low VOC emissions.

Following grades are available with trade name:

  • Foundry Cleaner-2988 ( water-extended NMP)
  • Foundry Cleaner-4950 ( water-extended NMP, amine activated)
  • Foundry Cleaner- 5095  (aqueous, alkaline )


General Chemical’s Foundry Steam Cleaner 3367 is used to remove any residual Foundry Metal Cleaner from core boxes and tooling. The Foundry Steam Cleaner is a concentrated water-based formula which contains an internal corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rusting of the core boxes and tooling.


General Chemical’s Wax Pattern Cleaners will clean the surface of the wax, quickly drain off the wax and slightly etch the wax surface to provide a means of slurry adhesion.

The Wax Pattern Cleaners are emulsifiable blends designed to optimize cleaning capabilities and product life while helping to reduce VOCs and personnel safety issues. They are based on a naturally derived solvent and their superior cleaning performance and pleasant citrus scent make our Wax Patterns Cleaners a natural solution to any wax cleaning application.
Following grades are available with trade name:

  • Incast Clean 1900
  • Incast Clean 5798

General Chemical Corp. takes pride in their ability to solve our customer's chemical problems. With their vast array of foundry casting metal chemicals, they have the technical know-how in order to help.