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Hexagon Metrology Announces PC-DMIS Touch

All New User Interface Leverages Multi-Touch Gestures to Enhance the User Experience

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Hexagon Metrology today introduced PC-DMIS Touch, a revolutionary measurement software for portable arm and DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). Utilizing high-resolution Multi-Touch display technology users physically interact with measurement sequences, feature variables, and report templates. PC-DMIS touch made its debut at the HxGN Live 2013 conference in Las Vegas, USA, and the Feimafe Exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. PC-DMIS touch capabilities were demonstrated on a ROMER Absolute Arm and a 4.5.4 SF DCC CMM.

PC-DMIS Touch offers an entirely new way to complete measurement tasks. One-off dimensions are executed through intuitive automated measurement sequences while more complex measurement plans are created by simply measuring the features directly on the part. A graphical representation of the measured features is always displayed in the center of the interface, right where it’s needed, during all measurement tasks. PC-DMIS Touch organizes measurement plan features intuitively by “Face,” a new concept for the traditional work-plane. Through this organization the user is guided through a full set of inspection tools, such as construction of features or feature sets, 2D and 3D dimensional reporting, GD&T configuration and much more. Each of these tasks are completed by a simple, consistent workflow in which PC-DMIS Touch helps the user either select an already measured feature from the list, directly from the graphical representation, measure a new one or any combination depending on the required input.

PC-DMIS Touch also makes inspection reporting even easier with real-time report generation. As features are measured the user selects whether or not to display all or part of the corresponding data on the report while at the same time updating feature nominal and tolerance data. A quick swipe to the right provides instant access to the report with a statistical view of how the measured features are stacking up against their respective tolerance requirements.

“PC-DMIS Touch represents the future of inspection software, leveraging the latest advancements in operating system and hardware form factors,” states Ken Woodbine, president of the PC-DMIS software division of Hexagon Metrology. “The user experience includes full touch gesturing and utilization of color in distinctive ways to guide the user through a measurement task. It becomes an immersive experience that allows any user to accomplish their job swiftly and easily.”

PC-DMIS Touch will be available first for portable measuring arms in the coming weeks and subsequently for CMMs in late 2013.

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