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hofmann CERAMIC is developing the latest theories for metal casting

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Brand new and up-to-date: A well-grounded reference book with the latest theories on gating and filter technology will be published shortly

Casting of metals is one of the most fascinating and important fields of modern technology. Ever since our ancestors started smelting and casting more than seven thousand years ago, we having been searching for the ideal gating and filter systems. Foundries are frequently faced with filtration problems that have produced sub-optimal casting results. Now more than ever, castings must be produced economically and with a high quality. Thanks to their many years of experience, the specialists at hofmann CERAMIC have seen that good results are often obtained even though the applied filtration technology contradicts established theories on filtration mechanisms.

Although numerous specialists have already addressed the topic of gating technology, Thorsten Reuther has now take up this long-awaited challenge to sort and compile these observations and to formulate a new theory on filtration technology. He describes this new theory on the basis of previous research findings and considers it to be a continuation and further development of existing models. The new approaches for optimising gating technology and filtration are presented in readily comprehensible and practice-oriented discussions.

This book contains a compilation of various key issues that often cause problems in casting operations. Reuther combines his years of practical experience with the newly developed theories on the mode of action of ceramic casting filters.

Author Thorsten Reuther is graduate engineer and Technical Manager at hofmann CERAMIC. With this book, fellow specialists can profit from his comprehensive knowledge of the theory and practical applications of gating and filter technology.

Thorsten Reuther: Gating and Filter Technology for Foundries New Theories Based on Previous Research Findings, ISBN 978-3-00-033768-0.

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