How do Tesla's visions and activities affect the die casting process?

SWR with Prof. Dr. Lothar Kallien and his students

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Social media post about the SWR interview with Professor Kallien

Here are highlights from in  is the information about the interview:

Prof. Dr. Lothar Kallien, head of the foundry laboratory at Aalen University, was interviewed by the SWR business editorial team. Editor Wolfgang Brauer asks interesting questions about the die casting process, discusses the positive impact Tesla is having on the foundry industry, and examines the engineers of the future who will be in demand.

A few students also had their say.

The report will be broadcast on Saturday, November 28th at 12:15pm (GMT +1) on the radio station SWR2 in the program “Geld, Markt, Meinung” and will then be available as a podcast.

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