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The HLM Series offers smoother, quieter, more energy-efficient operation and lower maintenance requirements, to increase mold quality, productivity and profitability.

Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation is introducing its most highly advanced matchplate molding machines, the HLM Series, to the world foundry market at GIFA 2015 (the industry’s largest trade conference), in Hall 15 – Booth F01, June 16-20.

According to company President and CEO Bill Hunter, who invented the HLM Series, the product line integrates the industry’s latest matchplate molding innovations and advancements, to help foundries produce higher quality, near net-shape castings more profitably than ever before.

“The HLM Series’ low-maintenance features and functions maximize performance and minimize downtime, which add up to greater efficiency of operation,” he stated, adding that the HLM’s successes at customer sites throughout North America prove its readiness for the world foundry market.

“The HLM Series integrates patented, proprietary technologies with customer-demanded, proven features and functions to create our most advanced matchplate molding machine,” Hunter stated. To date, 13 HLMs have been ordered and seven are in operation. Additionally, six of the 13 are repeat orders, according to Mr. Hunter.


Hunter’s HLM is a proprietary concept in automated matchplate molding technology that combines and integrates magnetically coupled rodless cylinders and linear bearings for improved movement of multiple components. Here are the primary features and benefits of the HLM Series:

• Sealed linear bearings and magnetic rodless cylinders replace cam followers, wheels, slippers and rails, to provide smoother, quieter, more energy-efficient operation and greater machine stability, with less maintenance required.
• The HLM’s board feeder incorporates magnetically coupled rodless cylinders.
• Linear bearings guide the hopper car to reduce maintenance needs and costs.

The HLM Series also includes two standard options:

1. Separation of the hydraulic power system (for cleaner, easier maintenance) and
2. Linear motion-operated, programmable access doors (for maximum operator protection).

Features standard to Hunter molding machines found in the HLM Series include the Human Machine Interface (HMI) system, which digitally controls compaction speed while monitoring resistance, producing a uniformly hard and superior-quality mold, and an auto-lock hydraulic pattern clamping system that eliminates the need for pattern bolt-down and provides true drop-in pattern changing capabilities.


Paolo Nazari, PhD is Managing Director – International for Hunter. In stating the technical case for the HLM Series’ potential acceptance within the world foundry market, he said, “Where other manufacturers typically update their existing machines based on incremental technical improvements, the HLM Series is a continuation of Hunter’s pioneering vision of technology established in 1964.”

Said Dr. Nazari, “Hunter constantly and consistently innovates in two ways: first, by establishing new directions for improvement, and then by incorporating ‘best of breed’ solutions that customers explicitly require.”

Hunter’s constant progress as molding machine innovators is based on customers’ real-world needs, according to Dr. Nazari. “Hunter doesn’t just develop ‘good ideas’,” he observes. “Instead, we combine those ideas with an instinctive understanding of what our customers, and the market, needs today and will require tomorrow.

“We do not consider technical innovation in a vacuum, but rather, we design features that will provide our customers a competitive advantage, both through innovation and by integrating proven solutions,” he noted.

Dr. Nazari continues, “Our HLM Series does not contain one or two ‘good ideas,’ but the latest in proven technologies from all sources, as the market demands, based on new technical ideas and an instinctive understanding of what the customer wants,” adding, “The customer is always our primary focus. So the HLM Series is based on solutions that specifically address what the world foundry market needs.”

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