Hydro opening EUR 130 million automotive line in Germany on May 4

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Aluminium from the state-of-the-art facility will help lightweight millions of new cars each year – enabling them to further curb emissions. The new automotive line in Grevenbroich Germany, is one of Hydro’s strategic investments in European industry.

Car makers increasingly use aluminium to lightweight their vehicles and curb emissions. As a consequence of this industry megatrend, Hydro has over the last few years made several strategic investments in Norway and Germany to meet this demand and at the same time secure the viability of high competence industrial jobs in both countries. The new automotive line in Grevenbroich is a prime example of this.

“I look forward to showing the result of great efforts made by our sharpest engineers, leaders and operators. It has taken years of research, experience, ingenuity, in close cooperation with Europe’s world-leading automotive industry, to reach this level of cutting-edge development. Our new automotive line will help lightweight millions of cars each year and strengthen aluminums’ position as a building block of modern society – which from our new automotive line comes with quality stamp “Made in Europe” – “Mit Leichtigkeit!” says Hydro President & CEO Svein Richard Brandtzæg.

Made in Europe!

The new automotive line investment is closely linked to investments Hydro have made further upstream in the company´s value chain in Norway. Over the last couple of years, casthouses in Sunndal, Høyanger, Årdal and Karmøy have been upgraded with new innovations and equipment, specifically designed to meet the requirements of car makers.

Altogether, these investments are worth close to NOK 150 million. New casting technology is under implementation in Høyanger and Årdal, where Hydro produce sheet ingot which at the plants in Germany can be rolled into plates and used in so-called hang-on parts such as doors, hoods, roofs, and trunk lids.