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The Power Core machine is available in versions of 20, 30, 50, 75 and 120 litres with a wide range of configurations to choose from and that can suit any possible requirement. This machine is equipped with “touch screen” PLC and an easy learning program allowing the operator to easily and instinctively interact with the machine, the mixer and the gassing unit connected to it. The machine can work  in automatic or manual mode providing the possibility to store and save more than 100 recipes which makes the change of equipment and the production much easier. All movements are managed by hydraulic actuators controlled by proportional valves that guarantee constant smooth movements. The hydraulic power pack can be sized according to the cycle times.

The main structure has been studied to receive different types of working stations, i.e.:

  • One station with front exit, without clamps for horizontally-parted core boxes
  • One station with front exit and fixed clamps inside the machine for horizontally and vertically-parted core boxes
  • One station with front exit, clamps on board for horizontally and vertically-parted core boxes
  • Two  stations with side (with or without clamps assembled on board) for the alternative production of two core boxes
  • Two stations rotating inside the machine with or without clamps assembled on board. This version called Dual Rotation is available in the 20 and 30 lt versions.

The lifting system of the core box cope can be mechanical type assembled on the gassing plate structure (machine exhibited), or hydraulic type assembled outside able to suit all core box sizes.

The good quality of the shooting  head has been appreciated by the foundries where this machine has been installed. In China for the production of wagon boogies the machine can produce cores of more than 75 liters with 4,5% sodium silicate and 175 mm shooting nozzles.


  • Shooting capacity: 75 lt
  • Cabin max size: 3000 x 2300 x H 2650 mm
  • Table size: 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Clamp size: 750 x 410 mm
  • Opening (clamps at pos. 1): max 1200 -  min 500
  • Opening (clamps at pos. 2): max 1400 -  min 700
  • Shooting head stroke: 750 mm
  • Core box height: min 550 mm / max 1000 mm
  • Shooting and gassing plate size: 850 x 770 mm
  • Shooting and gassing useful areas: 650 x 570 mm
  • Possibility of using shooting nozzles: up to 200 mm
  • Shooting head: up to 200 mm
  • Air consumption: 50 mc/h at 6 bar
  • Installed power: 18 kW
  • Weight of the machine: 7600 kg










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