In the Casting Industry, Sustainability is paramount - It starts with material recovery

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Whether a pandemic, market or technology transformation, or climate change - the greater the challenge, the greater the willingness in the company to rethink existing processes and cycles and, if necessary or sensible, to realign them.

When it comes to sustainability, the casting process has always been at the forefront, because most metals of all kinds can be recycled and returned to the material cycle again and again.

This applies to scrap, but also to the parts that are created in the casting process due to scrap and cast residues after deburring, and that's where the recycling process begins and begins with the question of timely shredding.

Here, the shredding machines from Erdwich Zerkleinerungssysteme GmbH come into play, particularly when it comes to aluminum casting for light metal components, as they enable shredding in a timely manner in order to feed the valuable material quickly and easily into the melting process.

This leads to a cost reduction through rapid remelting and rounds off the process flow in the long term.

Take a look at the process yourself, and experience the essential phases of shredding aluminum parts in the video to the right.


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