"Industrial Autumn" in full bloom

The Kielce METAL, the foundry industry's trade fair and its sister events clustered into the "Industrial Autumn" expo series provide a unique opportunity for domestic entrepreneurs to find new business contacts from around the world.


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The "Industrial Autumn" combines the METAL foundry expo, aluminium and non-ferrous metals ALUMINUM & NONFERMET show, HEAT TREATMENT metal heat treatment and non-ferrous metal recycling RECYCLING expos. The Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-TECH are also
a part of the cluster.

In total, the shows use tens of thousands of square meters of exhibition space. The expo halls are
a full house filled with companies from around the world. Therefore, it is hard to find a better opportunity to expand sales markets and to attract the foundry industry's "big players" and other industries' leading actors.

This year Targi Kielce will host such companies as: ASK CHEMICALS, GUSS-EX, Huttenes Albertus, Eurocast, WOHR, SGM Magnetics, SUHAIL INDUSTRIAL HOLDING Group and GEMCO CAST METAL TECHNOLOGY, to name just a few.

Green revolution

The nature of its work puts the foundry industry under environmental pressure. Emission of harmful and poisonous gases, dust and particles, and generation of waste pollutants - these are just some of the environmental issues in the context of this industry. The industry has held a prolonged discussion about the need to make the foundry processes more ecological and, wherever possible, to turn them completely green. The METAL expo organizers accommodate such expectations and demands. This year's event includes the brand new "Foundry Goes Green" seminar, which features experts from various fields sharing their knowledge on solving the ecological crisis in the foundry sector.

Topics such as the use of H2 in foundry processes to reduce energy consumption and gas waste, digitization of industry 4.0, and Big-Data will be discussed. Experts will also present their ideas
for cheaper and more effective ways of energy transformation in plants.

The expo's knowledge pack

The expo agenda includes a plethora of seminars and technical conferences by institutions and companies from Poland and Europe. The workshop held under the banner of "Automation of X-ray Testing on the example of X-ray tests of thin-walled aluminium components made with the XE-S GILARDONI X-ray booth" is one of the examples. The workshop are held at the PCB Service expo stand and feature the company's staff demonstrating how to automate repetitive x-ray examinations using the XE-S x-ray cabin produced by the Italian company Gilardoni. This session is also an opportunity to see the operation of the X-ray booth in practice. The aspects of the system security, exposure in a shielded cabin, manipulator settings, etc are also addressed.

We look forward to seeing you at the 24th International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL and its accompanying events: HEAT TREATMENT, ALUMINUM & NonFerMet, CONTROL-TECH AND RECYCLING. Save the date - 20 to 22 September 2022 and join us at Targi Kielce.

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