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Introducing voxeljet's Sand On Demand 3D Printing Service

3D printing is on everyone’s ears these days. Especially when it comes to the production of individual parts or prototypes. Often, the direct, additive manufacturing of metal parts attracts a particularly high level of attention. But there are also fast and more economical alternatives, such as 3D printing of sand molds for metal casting – Additive Casting.

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voxeljet specialized in this application more than 20 years ago and has built up one of the largest service centers for the on-demand production of molds and models for metal casting in Europe.

In this online seminar we will introduce you to: 

  • our available volume capacities
  • printable sand materials
  • application possibilities of printed sand molds and tooling
  • our pricing model and possibilities

All in all, you will learn everything about the Just-In-Time production of sand molds, castings or general sand tooling and formwork.

Discover the advantages that On Demand Printing Service offers you and exchange ideas with our in-house experts.

  • Learn how you can handle even large-format orders and volumes using our service.
  • Learn more about the economic efficiency of printed molds and models and how you can profit from it.
  • Learn which materials you can choose from to realize your application in the best quality.
  • Learn which do’s and don’ts in 3D modeling are important to complete a successful 3D print.
  • Learn where the advantages of 3D printing are compared to conventional molding processes and core shot.

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