Investments in KARDEMİR Continues as Planned

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) will increase the capacity of four investments in the assembly work is ongoing. 4 in June. The company, which has renewed its blast furnace, continues its investments to increase capacity in its Steel Mill, 2 Converter, Lime Plant and Continuous Casting Plant.

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Stating that the ongoing investments continue as planned, KARDEMİR General Manager Hüseyin Soykan said that they expect all investments to be realized in October.

Soykan said, "As it is known, we have started a series of investments that will increase the steel production capacity of our company to 2,9 Million tons in the first place. Among these investments, the Çelikhane 4 Construction works of our continuous casting machine have been completed to a great extent and mechanical assembly works are continuing. De-assembly and construction works for increasing the capacity of 90 to 2 tons with 120 ton capacity have been completed and converter assembly has begun. De-assembly of our 260 ton / day capacity lime factory was started and the new 425 ton lime factory was started to be assembled. The installation level in our lime plant has reached 65%. Renovation of our blast furnace 4 is also continuing as planned. One of the most important tasks here, armor replacement has been completed. Now the installation of the oven cooling plates has started. Foundry refractory works and gas cleaning works are also expected to be completed within 10 days. At the end of September, the furnace will be suitable for re-ignition.”

General Manager Soykan pointed out that the supply of billets needed by the industrialists in the region will increase with the increase of KARDEMİR's 2,9 Million tons capacity.

The company's General Manager, Dr. Özdemir, continued his remarks by pointing out that capacity increases in integrated iron and steel plants require additional investments in all production processes.

Hüseyin Soykan “The ongoing investments are related to the main production processes. Accordingly, you need to adapt all processes from water systems, energy infrastructure, internal and external logistics to all management systems to the increasing capacities. At KARDEMİR, all our teams are focused on this. While the Iron and Steel Sector was going through a difficult time, these investments amounting to TL 300 Million indicate the support of our Board of Directors to our growth-oriented strategy. We are trying to increase our production capacities and to provide product variety with high added value products. Because we know that Karabük needs this from our country. Time is the biggest capital and time for us by making the best use of these investments will bring KARDEMİR and our country. ”