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Invitation for IDCSF2008

June 18-20, 2008 - Shanghai, China

In order to promote the development of China’s die casting industry and provide a scale and impressive business exchange platform for die casting purchasers and suppliers both from home and abroad, International Die Casting Sourcing Fair will be held concurrently with the 6th China International Die Casting Conference and Exhibition sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society on June 18-20, 2008, at Shanghai International Exhibition Center.


International Die Casting Sourcing Fair is sponsored by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and co-organized by Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China and China Die Casting Web (Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association).

We are looking forward to receive your support and build International Die Casting Sourcing Fair to be the practical business communication platform for die casting purchasers and suppliers both from home and abroad with our joint efforts!

Best wishes!

Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Productivity Promotion Center of Foundry Industry of China
China Die Casting Web (



Die casting industry has been developing rapidly in China in recently years and in fact, China can boast the heavy-weight die casting country. However, forced by limited informatization and technology, die casting industry in China hasn’t broken the bottle-neck of development. It’s our responsibility and obligation to promote the development of Chinese die casting industry.

This sourcing fair is held in response to the urgent needs of quite a number of Chinese die casting suppliers. Die casting China website’s rich resource base and influence among the industry as well as the regional advantage of Shanghai will promote this sourcing fair to be an excellent opportunity that helps die casting enterprises to realize internationalization.

The sourcing fair, based on the current development of die casting, will bring together industry professionals to extend the influence of die casting suppliers and purchasers as well as serve as a golden opportunity for them to build cooperating relations, thus to promote the continues development of die castings and the industry of auto parts.

Quite a number of CEOs from die casting enterprises have registered for this sourcing fair up to now and they are eager to communicate with global buyers face to face. Your attendance will not only promote die casting in China but also contribute to the world die casting industry!

As a perfect combination of official and non-official issue, we will provide numerous supply information for buyers to form a strong supply lineup and build effect trade process as well as resources optimization, which will result in effective cost savings of both suppliers and purchasers! Don’t miss this precious opportunity! Just come on!

1. Purchasers introduce current situations and purchasing plans as well as quality requirement on suppliers. Suppliers show their advantages and other related information.
2. Purchasers and suppliers communicate and negotiate with each other face to face.

Enterprises to be invited:
1. General Director of Asia Pacific Affairs& Chief Representative in China of American Automotive Industry Action Group (confirmed)
2. Chairman of Xuzhou Aeronautical Die-casting Co., ltd (confirmed)
3. China FAW Group Corporation (confirmed)
4. Changchun FAW UNITTED CASTING CO. (confirmed)
5. Dongfeng (Shiyan) Nonferrous Casting Co., Ltd.
6. Georg Fischer (Suzhou) AG
7. Guangdong Hongtu Technology(holding) Co., Ltd.
8. Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd
9. Shanghai Magnesium- Magnesium Die Casting Co., Ltd.
10. Guangdong Wencan Die Casting Co., Ltd.
11. Dalian Yaming Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., LTD (confirmed)
12. Chongqing Meridian BoAo Magnesium Co., Ltd (confirmed)
13. Jiangsu Jiangxu Casting Group Co., Ltd (confirmed)
14. L.K. Technology Holdings Limited.
15. Yizumi Precision Die-casting Science & Technology Co., Ltd
16. Chem-Trend Limited(Shanghai)
17. ABB (China)
18. BOSCH (China)
19. ENDURANCE (confirmed)
20. Aluminium Caster’s Association of India
Lectures Arrangement:
1. The development trend of Chinese die castings (given by Secretary-General of China Foundry Association)
2. The current and future development of world die castings applied to auto industry
3. Expectations and requirement of American OEMs on suppliers (given by Dr. Yilong Chen from American Automotive Industry Action Group)
4. Prospects of China’s auto parts market
5. How do small and medium Chinese die casting (mainly applied to auto industry) enterprises enter global sourcing system
6. Management process and planning of global auto purchase
7. Sourcing demand analyze of international auto parts (by famous global auto parts purchaser)
8. Risks and dodges in foreign exchange settlement among foreign trade (by foreign exchange administration)
9. New characteristics and problems Immerged from global purchasing of auto parts
10. The opportunities and challenges faced Chinese suppliers under global purchasing upsurge
11. International nonferrous metals trends forecast throughout 2008
12. Sponsors speaking

Organizing committee of the 1st International Die Casting Sourcing Fair
Officially supported website:
Tel: 021-62603130
Fax: 021-62603135
Contact person: Miss Hu & Miss Wang

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