Italy - Fabio Zanardi is the new President of Assofond

Change at the top of Confindustria.

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The new chairman: "Costs of raw materials, high energy prices and decarbonisation are the challenges facing a strategic sector of the European manufacturing industry."

 "I begin this term as a witness to the crazy dynamics of the that have been affecting the entire manufacturing industry for months, with dramatic effects on our sector. Added to this is the explosive trend in metals that started about a year ago and continues to keep metal commodity prices high.

Metal commodity prices, partly due to bottlenecks in the supply chains, threghten  the industry for some time now, there has been an alarming energy crisis leading to an inflationary flare-up in all commodities.

 These are the words of Assofond's new president-elect, Fabio Zanardi,

Zanardi, president and managing director of Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A., based in Minerbe in the province of Veron, succeeds Roberto Ariotti, who has held the office of Assofond since 2013.

Zanardi thanked Ariotti for his extraordinary commitment to Assofond and also to CAEF and wished him every success for the future, especially for his work in the European bodies.


Chairman Assofond

Fabio Zanardi, 46 years old, married and father of 3 children, graduated in Management Engineering from the University of Udine.

He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zanardi Fonderie S.p.A., a historic family company founded in 1931 and now in its fourth generation, a leader in the production and development of austemperature spheroidal cast iron. (ADI).

Zanardi Fonderie has a production capacity of around 20,000 tonnes/year of spheroidal cast iron and ADI cast iron and employs around 240 people in the only plant in Minerbe (Verona), which is home to an integrated production process that combines the foundry with internal core production, austempering heat treatment, finishing and mechanica machining.

He started working with Assofond in 2009, actively participating in the creation and coordination of the Young Group, while in 2011 he contributed to the preparation of a cycle of meetings dedicated to the topic of contracts with customers. He attends the CAEF (European Foundry Association) since 2005, when he took part in the "Young Entrepreneurs" group.

Young Entrepreneurs" group, and then went on to take part in European comparison groups in the "General Engineering" sector. In the last year, in the process of maturing his candidature for the presidency of the association, he has participated in the association's activities alongside the President, the Committee and the Executive Committee.

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