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Italy is still exciting for voxeljet

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Italy is still exciting for voxeljet

Following the successful exhibition upbeat in Italy last year, voxeljet technology is introducing itself again this year at the Metef-Foundeq, which is taking place from 14.through 17. April in Brescia, Italy.

Tiziano Dal Chin

The eighth debut of International Aluminium-and Casting show was carried out together with the Italian associate Texer Design of voxeljet- who provides service to Italian markets taking place in Hall 8, Stand F10. „The exhibition is the ideal platform to demonstrate to our customers how to manufacture voxeljet moulds of diverse metals by using 3D-pressure methods within a short period of time” reports Tiziano Dal Cin, who’s in charge of Texer Design voxeljet-business activities. The voxeljet performance spectrum ranges from manufacturing high complex prototypes to small serials. VDP Fonderia S.p.A- one amongst biggest foundries in North Italy- counts as one of the latest customers of Texer Design und voxeljet. The foundry offers an extremely versatile portfolio through working up diverse metal alloys with weight categories of one kilo up to 120 tons.

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