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Journal Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys - In Memory of Professor Chen Liliang



Studying and Working Experiences

He graduated from Dalian University of Technology in 1992 and received his Ph.D. degree in 1997 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). From the year of 1997 to 2001, he worked as a teacher in the College of Materials Science and Engineering at HUST (In 1999, he was given an accelerated promotion to associate professor, and in 2001, an accelerated promotion to professor and Ph.D. supervisor).

During the period of February 2001 to March 2006, he was appointed the Vice Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering at HUST. In 2002-2003, he was the senior visiting scholar to the University of Iowa, USA. In 2005, he was supported by the Program for the New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education of China.

During March 2006 to November 2010, he was appointed the Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong Univeristy of Science and Technology. And in Novermber, 2008, he was appointed the Executive Deputy Director of the HUST - WISCO (Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation) Joint Laboratory.

He was elected as the member of the Teaching & Guiding Committee of Ministry of Education of China for the Specialty of Materials Forming and Control Engineering, Standing Director of the Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the member of the Academic Committee of the 69th World Foundry Congress (WFC2010), Vice Director of the Editorial Board of the Journal Special Casting & Nonferrous Alloys, the member of the editorial boards of the journals FOUNDRY and CHINA FOUNDRY.

Main Awards

Professor Chen Liliang won the Second Prize for the Science and Technology Progress of China in 2007. He was awarded the First Prize for the Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province in 2006, the Second Prize in 2001, and the Third Prize in 1998.

He won three First Prizes of the Teaching Achievements Awards of Hubei Province, namely in 2001, 2005, and 2009, respectively. And he won two National Excellent Teacher Awards by the Baosteel Foundation in 2000 and 2005, respectively. Furthermore, he won the China Youth Science and Technology Prize in 2009 and the Youth 5.4 Gold Medal of Hubei Province in 2008. In 2010, he obtained the Special Allowance of the State Council of China after the recommendation by the Ministry of Education of China.

He was the leader of the research group of materials forming and computer simulation at HUST, which was evaluated as the Innovative Group of Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province in 2010.

Main Achivements in Scientific Research

From 1992, Professor Chen Liliang had devoted himself to the scientific research on the numerical simulation of mold filling and solidification processes. The main achievements he made include the followings: He took the lead in successfully developing the algorithm of SOLA-Particle/Level Set for the numerical simulation of multi-phases turbulent fluid field of complicated mold filling process, thus promoting Huazhong University of Science and Technology to be the pioneer carrying on the research on this field in the international foundry industry and become one of the important influential organizations in this field.

To solve the worldwide problem of accurately predicting the shrinkage defects of cast irons, he creatively proposed the principle of conservation of carbon in dynamic zones for ductile irons, which was applied to approx. 70 large and medium-sized enterprises, and realized the quantitative prediction of shrinkage defects for ductile iron castings. The reputation of Huazhu CAE Software which was developed under his leadership is becoming better and better in the foundry industry at home and abroad, and its English version Huazhu CAE/InteCAST Software has been sold to many foreign countries.

Up to present, Huazhu CAE has been developed to become the most influential simulation analysis software in Chinese foundry industry, which possesses the completely independent intellectual property rights and has been applied to more than 300 industrial and mining enterprises.

In order to reinforce the cooperation between universities and enterprises, Professor Chen Liliang undertook the preparation work of establishing the HUST-WISCO Joint Laboratory in October, 2008, shouldering the great expectations of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corporation (WISCO). Then he was appointed the Executive Deputy Director of the Joint Laboratory. From the preparation of establishment to the location determination, planning, construction and inauguration of the building of the laboratory, from the foundation of the committee to the initiation of the cooperation projects between the Joint Lab and WISCO, Professor  Liliang expended his great efforts with much ado. Relying on the Joint Lab, the fund of HUST to cooperate with WISCO is growing year by year. From the year of 2007 to 2009, the fund was less than three million Yuan every year. But in 2010, the fund was greatly increased to be approx. twenty-four million Yuan.


Great Achivements in Teaching Reform

Since the year of 2006 when he was appointed the Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Chen Liliang had carried out the teaching reforms boldly from different perspectives and in various layers.

For instance, he promoted the construction of disciplines to push forward the innovation of specialties; adopted the information technology to reconstruct the traditional specialties; reinforced the innovation base of science and technology for undergraduates, and established the express system of innovation in science and technology-graduation design-postgraduate completely reformed the model of experimental teaching, constructed the Experimental Teaching Center for undergraduates, and constituted the full-time team for experimental teaching; strengthened the construction of textbooks; set up the check-up and allocation system in which the undergraduate teaching is emphasized. Under his leading, more than forty kinds of undergraduate textbooks were published at the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technolgy during the periods of the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the Eleventh Five-Year Plan of China, and eighteen of them were listed as the Nationally Planned Textbook for the Tenth or Eleventh Five-Year Plan ranking the first among the same specialties in China.

A part of the textbooks have been adopted by over sixty famous universities all over the country. Under his leading, the course of Engineering Materials was evaluated as the great course of Hubei Province, and the course of Materials Processing Engineering was evaluated as the National Great Course. Also under his leading, the teaching team of the course of Materials Processing Engineering won the honorary title of the National Teaching Fellowship, and both the specialties of Materials Forming and Control Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering won the honorary titles of the Brand Specialty of Hubei Province and the Characteristic Specialty of Ministry of Education of China.


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