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Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co KG: A clean blast all around!

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Hall 15, Stand E28

Custom-designed and individually manufactured shotblasting machines, tailored to customer-specific applications – these tried and tested benefits have turned shotblasting machines from Rump into a brand name product over the last 45 years.

At this year's GIFA, the shotblasting equipment manufacturer from East Westphalia presents two cast blasting machines, made in the German town of Salzkotten.

One is a wire mesh shotblasting system for gentle processing of thin-walled, fragile workpieces made from gray or nodular cast iron. The material may be positioned manually or passed through from the cooling line. It is then blasted evenly from all sides by turbo blasters attached to the blasting chamber. The same system concept can be modified for working with aluminium cast workpieces.

Our second machine is a crawler blast system for batch processing gray, nodular iron or cast steel in bulk. A two-stage tilt system delivers the material from a transport container into the machine. In the crawler belt - made of steel plates and cast chain links - the workpieces are subjected to blasting abrasives in a continuous circular motion by means of two turbo chargers positioned at the chamber ceiling. After the blasting process, the discharge is carried out via a vibrating conveyor back to a transport container.

Both machines are equipped with combined cleaning systems for the separation of mould sand particles and dust-like pollutants from the blast media being circulated. They are connected to environmentally friendly and highly effective dust collection systems to separate the dust generated in the blasting process. The switchboards feature programmable logic controllers (PLCs) which can be customized for the process.

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