KSPG Automotive: Pumps from Saxony help turbos keep their cool

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With its 35 millionth water recirculation pump, Pierburg Pump Technology GmbH recently set up a new production record. Since the rollout in 1996 of this electric water recirculation pump built at Hartha, Saxony, Germany, the product developed at the location itself, has become a true multi-million seller. Extra capacities for this small high-efficiency pump are currently being set up in China and Mexico by KSPG, indirect owner of the Hartha plant not far from Döblin.

Together, all of the water recirculation pumps made in Hartha could within some five hours empty the contents of Lake Bärwald which, covering an area of 13 km2 and with a maximum depth of 58 meters, is Saxon's biggest.

The electrically commutated pump was developed at the Saxony plant and has meanwhile been shipped out to auto makers and their suppliers worldwide. The pump is remarkable for its very small footprint; the electric motor (no brushes or gaskets) is highly wear resistant. The smooth-running pump is also very quiet in operation.

The pump can be used wherever cooling or heating functions independently of or additionally to those performed by the vehicle's main circuit, are required. Examples include the cooling of turbochargers, power electronics, exhaust-gas recirculation systems, also auxiliary heating functions, utilizing residual heat or for engineindependent heating.

The pumping mechanism and the electric actuation are hermetically separated from each other. The compact design is achieved by combining the impeller, mechanical mounting and magnetic rotor. The small footprint allows the pump to be installed at any angle and in any position.

Since 2011 in its third generation, the latest version permits diagnosis of its operating state and speed control. There is also a more powerful option with up to 20 percent higher pressure.

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