Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Foundryworkers* and GTK Partners,

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As announced in the October issue of the Giesserei-Zeitschrift (no.10), I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our first Foundry Colloquium on the 8th and 9th of December 2016 where the Metakus Hall of our foundry (Giesstechnikum) will be inaugurated. Information about the lectures as well as the registration leaflet can be found at: <link http:>

I think that we have succeeded in obtaining high-quality lecturers and planning an extremely interesting programme on the subjects of future e-mobility concepts, materials, castings and processes. Many of the speakers, those present and exhibitors will be known to you personally. In addition to the specialist lectures in the new Campus Center of the university, we will inaugurate our new Gießtechnikum on Thursday evening and, to the sounds of a 4-piece band (singer, piano, guitar and drums) and with the help of a Christmas buffet, there will be ample opportunity for socializing and exchange of information. I look forward to seeing and being able to welcome as many of you as are able to attend.

<link file:31197 _blank download file> Programm GTK-Gießereikolloquium 2016 - Univ Kassel.pdf
<link file:31196 _blank download file> Flyer GTK-Gießereikolloquium Universität Kassel.pdf

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