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Linn High Therm - Supercast, Titancast

Precision fine casting of steel, Ti, TiAl, non-ferrous metals, precious metals



Induction heated precision fine castingmachine for aerospace, automotive, medical, mechanical parts and jewellery industry: Supercast and Titancast for casting up to 4,0 kg.
A sophisticated medium frequency technology allows melting and casting metals in a very short time by centrifugal casting process. A remarkable feature of this unit is the high melting capacity at low energy consumption. It is possible to melt and cast large quantities of material within shortest time. For example, 2 kg Ti in approx. 8 min or 3,5 kg steel in 6 min. Melting temperature up to 2000 °C.
It is also secured that due to the eddy currents of the induction heating metals and alloys can be mixed thoroughly and therefore, are of continuous and reproducible quality. This is not possible in any other melting process.
Easy to operate due to modern S7- control with touch panel. All systems are available in vacuum version which enables to cast under air, inert gas, vacuum or vacuum with inert gas purging. Comprehensive accessories: e.g. optical temperature measuring unit, water circulation cooling. Ceramic crucibles and casting moulds are available.

Casting capacity Supercast (appr.):
Titan 2000 g, TiAl 1800 g, Platinum 2000 g, Palladium 3000 g, Gold 4000 g, Silver 3500 g,
Copper 3000 g, Bronze 3000g, Brass 3000 g, Stainless steel 3500 g, CrNi-Steel 3500 g, Cr/Co 3500 g.
Dimensions Supercast (w x d x h):
1800 x 1840 x 2300 mm (casting machine),
600 x 600 x1900 mm (MF-Generator)
Weight: appr. 1200 kg
Mains supply: 400 V / 50 or 60 Hz / 3 Ph
Mains input at full load: appr. 38 kVA
MF output: 30 kW
Vacuumsystem max: 10-3 mbar (roots pump system)
Mould size (max. Ø x length): 200 x 350 mm (special sizes possible)

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