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MAGMA5, the new generation of casting process simulation software

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MAGMA GmbH introduces with MAGMA5 a new generation of casting process simulation. MAGMA5 continues the series of MAGMASOFT® solutions used by foundries world-wide in order to optimize their cast component production. The software is based on more than 20 years of development, during which the Aachen based company has continued to innovate on and establish casting process simulation as a standard. 

The screenshot of MAGMA5 shows the cast component’s geometry from which mold and cores can be derived. Geometry data are available through easy transfer via standard interfaces, direct interfaces for CATIA and Pro/E or geometry construction in MAGMA5.

„First understand, then optimize“: following this standard, MAGMA5 delivers a profound understanding of casting processes that allows optimization along the complete process chain of the cast component. Within the software, this is made possible through different perspectives which can be used simultaneously by the user.

Integrated information and tools for simulation projects
In MAGMA5, all steps that are necessary for casting process simulation can be specified and performed from a process perspective. This allows the complete production process from geometry input, through the design of gating, risering and tooling, on to solidification and finishing processes such as heat treatment, to be described and simulated.

MAGMA5 is designed to enable the set-up of a project as quickly as possible. Hence, working with the geometry perspective enables interactive modeling of complex casting and mold geometries.

In the process perspective, all information about the used materials, metallurgy and melting practice, production conditions and finishing processes such as heat treatment come together. This allows the user to get a complete overview of the entire manufacturing process he wants to simulate.

Altogether, the process orientation of MAGMA5 sets the basis for a profitable manufacture of cast components – through improved casting layouts, achieving the required casting quality, and saving costs.

New simulation capabilities
MAGMA5 provides important new casting process simulation capabilities. New advanced turbulence models as well as the consideration of surface tension improve the mold filling prediction for gravity castings. And, tracer particles can be modeled with mass and size to evaluate slag inclusions. Burn-on and penetration criteria help identify sand related surface defects. Moreover, a new module for the simulation of as-cast local microstructures and properties of aluminum alloys is available with MAGMAnonferrous. The stress module MAGMAstress has also been completely reworked and for the first time offers the option to simulate thermally induced casting stresses for the complete manufacturing route. A new and comprehensive plasticity model provides improved accuracy, because it considers temperature-dependent as well as time-dependent effects on stresses and strains.

MAGMA5 provides an interactive or automated evaluation of results. Simulation results such as mold filling, solidification or flow characteristics can be shown in multiple views and can be zoomed, rotated or moved.

Clearly presented results
Simulation results such as 3D graphics, diagrams, and tables can be shown in multiple views and can be displayed in selectable levels of detail. This means that results can be evaluated reliably in order to allow an optimization of cast components and casting processes.

New software architecture secures future developments
The new methodology that MAGMA5 provides is mirrored in the software architecture. Technically, the software is built on a completely new platform and, as it is also modularly extendable and scalable, it offers development potential for the coming years. Due to standard interfaces that allow the free import and export of data, MAGMA5 can be completely integrated into the user’s work environment. 

With MAGMA5, new hardware and operating systems offer new opportunities. MAGMA5 is fully native Windows compliant and runs on 64-bit Windows operating systems, offering the advantage of greatly increased memory access. For Linux users, MAGMA5 is available for the current SUSE and RedHat Linux Enterprise distributions. MAGMA5 supports multi-core architectures effectively. The combination of MAGMA5 and the latest hardware (Core i7/Neharlem CPU) results in a reduction of simulation times by up to a factor of 5.

With the currently released MAGMA5 Version 5.0 all important sand casting processes are supported. The simulation of permanent mold and die casting processes including gravity die casting is available with MAGMA5 Version 5.1.

MAGMA5 in a compact overview:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Solid modeling with a CAD kernel as well as import and export of CAD data     (STL, STEP, CATIA, Pro/E)
  • Automatic mesh generation of the geometry within seconds
  • Comprehensive process description with direct access to all process steps and the related simulation definitions
  • Completely new capabilities for the prediction of: mold filling, burn-on and penetration, local microstructures and properties of aluminum alloys, thermal stresses of the cast component for all production steps
  • Interactive and automatic result evaluation
  • Comprehensive database for all required data and properties of casting processes and materials
  • Available for 64-Bit Windows XP, 64-Bit Windows 7, 64-Bit RedHat Enterprise Linux 5, 64-Bit SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
Process control from the viewpoint of the foundry specialist implies presenting the complete manufacturing process through a comprehensive and easy-to-use graphical interface. MAGMA5 offers multiple interactive tools and overviews for a reliable process definition.

About software for casting process simulation
Casting process simulation software predicts the complete casting process including mold filling, solidification and cooling, and allows the quantitative prediction of mechanical properties, thermally induced casting stresses and distortion of cast components. Simulation accurately describes a cast component’s quality up-front before production starts and the casting methoding can be designed with respect to the required component properties. This not only results in a reduction in pre-production sampling as the precise layout of the complete casting system leads to energy, material, and tooling savings.The range of application of MAGMA solutions comprises all cast alloys, from cast iron to aluminum sand casting, permanent mold and die casting up to large steel castings. The software supports the user in the modeling of the component, the determination of melting practice and casting methoding through to mold making, heat treatment, and finishing. This saves costs consequently along the entire manufacturing route. During the last 10 years, the use of casting process simulation has become obligatory for many foundries. MAGMA5 now expands the capabilities of casting process simulation. This will further accelerate the acceptance of the software.

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