Metalurgia and Powergrid Brasil foresee promising scenario in the coming years

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Fairs received close to 2,000 visits from September 16 to 19

Santa Catarina stands out in national foundry production, according to Abifa (Brazilian Foundry Association). The state accounts for 80% of production in the South and 27% of national production. This justifies the Metalurgia fair (largest industry event held in Brazil in even years) in Joinville/SC. And as energy efficiency is one of the major objectives of companies looking to increase savings and competitiveness, the fair was held jointly with Powergrid, from September 16-19.

During the four-day event, approximately 21,000 people passed through the Expoville Pavilions from 17 countries (Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, USA, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Turkey and Venezuela) who work, the majority (56%), in the foundry, automotive, engineering and energy sectors.

Brazilian visitors also came from several states (Amazonas, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondônia, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Tocantins), in search of alternatives to increase production efficiency of their companies.

"49% of this public is made ​​up of professionals who hold leadership positions in their organizations and 20% of the total is procurement decision makers, which demonstrates the high qualification of visitors," says the director of Messe Brasil, organizer of the fairs, Luiz Felipe Lepeltier.

For Richard Spirandelli, also director of Messe Brasil, the outlook is positive: "Despite the bad economic scenario, the fairs were important to get the exhibitors closer to the market. We’re sure that they will serve as a base for the expected growth in the coming years. Therefore, we can say that over the next 18 months we should achieve our expected business generation of around R$ 450 million, from contacts initiated in the Metalurgia and Powergrid fairs", he reinforced.

And the fairs met visitors’ expectations as well. There were more than 400 brands linked to the foundry and energy sectors, from nine countries: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, China, Spain, USA, Italy and Switzerland.

Fábio Koller, Director of Engineering at Koller Development and Project Management, from Caxias do Sul/RS, visited Metalurgia for the first time and liked what he saw: "I was very surprised at the size and quality of the fair. I came to meet potential customers and have already made good contacts", he pointed out.

"Even though the economic times are not so favorable, the fair is very good and surprised me. I came to look for new clients and the contacts made so far are very promising", said Luiz Ângelo Rodrigues, managing partner of T&T Technical Translations, from São Paulo/SP, a Powergrid Brasil visitor.

For exhibitors, the contacts made at the fair were also very positive.

"Metalurgia’s casual atmosphere is perfect for seeking out new clients and contacts for future business. Here we get to have access to the entire market and present launches. Post-show expectation is very good. Metalurgia attracts us for being the second largest in the industry, but also for having a very qualified and focused public in the sectors represented at the event", commented Fred Leopoldo Ziegler, Director of Engineering at Z-Tech Refratários, from Blumenau/SC, Metalurgia exhibitor.

For Fernando Moraes Barros Prado, Commercial manager at DJ Fornos Industriais, São Paulo/SP, the fair brought immediate results. "We’ve closed some sales and made very promising contacts, since the public is extremely qualified", he stated.

ExOne participated for the first time in Metalurgia. "Besides the excellent contacts we’ve made with good business prospects, we announced our intention to install a Service Center in Joinville. With it, customers who can’t make such a large investment can hire ExOne’s services. It’s an investment of approximately R$ 5 to 6 million", says Ricardo Toledo, Sales Director of the company in Brazil.

"Since the company's inception in 2003, we’ve participated in Metalurgia. Here, we promote our new products, find new customers and retain current ones. Whenever possible, we already close deals at the fair itself, as happened in this one, in which we sold a 6 liter blow molding machine and a mixer, a negotiation of R$ 260 thousand", confirms Gerson Luis Vick, Technical Director of Gevitec, from Joinville/SC.

The 3rdPowergrid Brasil brought energy sector giants to present their solutions for energy generation, trade and consumption, such as Votorantim Energia, Comerc, CPFL Brasil, RBE and Elétron Energy. Most of them, participating for the first time in the fair.

“In our first participation in Powergrid Brasil, our intention was to gain more visibility for the company in the region, meet entrepreneurs from here and present our work. We are very pleased with the volume and the technical level of visitors, with excellent prospects for future business", emphasizes André Flores Rodrigues, Commercial Director of Votorantim Energia, São Paulo/SP.

In the same vein, Anderson Sisti, Business consultant of CPFL Brasil, Campinas/SP, said he was positively surprised: "We’re debuting at the show and were surprised with the quantity of customers who visited us and with the new contacts we’ve established. Holding Metalurgia together with the fair greatly facilitated access to potential customers. We’ve shown our brand, introduced ourselves and met a very technical public, of an exceptional high level", he states.

RBE Energia, from Joinville, sought to reassert itself in the local market: "We’re the only energy trader that’s 100% from Santa Catarina. This is already a very strong reason to have been in Powergrid Brasil since its first edition. Being here brings us closer to current and also new customers, strengthens our brand and means business opportunities", noted Sandro Luiz Bittencourt de Souza, director of RBE Energia.

Metalurgia and Powergrid Brasil Numbers

• 21,000 participants

• Visitors from 17 countries (Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, USA, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Turkey and Venezuela)

• Visitors from 14 Brazilian states (Amazonas, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraíba, Parana, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondônia, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Tocantins)

• 49% of visitors with leadership positions (manager, director, partner, coordinator)

• 20% of the public composed of purchase decision makers

• The segments represented by the majority of visitors: foundry, automotive, engineering and energy.

• Expected business generation over the next 18 months as a result of contacts made at the fair: R$ 450 million.

Metalurgia was sponsored by Tupy and had the support of Abifa. Powergrid was sponsored by Sebrae and had the support of CPFL, SC Gás and Tractebel Energia, with production by Fiesc.

Technological Innovation Congress had 850 participants
The Congress of Technological Innovation in Foundry 2014, organized by Unisociesc, included 850 participants in 18 lectures and eight mini-courses, which focused on innovation in foundry processes and services, with the aim of improving competitiveness.

Cintec Numbers

• 850 participants in technical lectures and mini-courses

• 18 technical lectures

• 8 mini-courses

Powergrid Congress received 764 participants
Powergrid Congress, focused on energy efficiency, was held free of charge and received 764 participants in 8 lectures and in the WEG Seminar for Energy Efficiency. The event included senior executives such as the president of FPT Industrial, José Luis Gonçalves, President of CPFL Brasil, Fábio Rogério Zanfelice and Commercial Director of Votorantim Energia, André Flores.

• 764 participants

• 8 lectures focused on energy efficiency

Free workshops from exhibitors
Apart from the congresses, Metalurgia and Powergrid counted on free workshops conducted by exhibitors. The Italian group NETWORK EXON CENTAURI and KAD3 Group, CRE8, Australian company that develops mobile solutions for telecom, government and technology companies, Körper Industrial Equipment and Bondmann addressed topics related to their business.

Collective booths made participation of smaller companies possible
Metalurgia 2014 was a democratic space that opened itself up for small businesses through partnerships with Sindimetal-RS (Union of Metallurgical, Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic Material Industries of São Leopoldo), as well as Sebrae-RS and Sebrae-SC.

The partnerships made it possible so that more than 25 exhibitors from Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul could be at the fair presenting their products and services in collective booths, and have their brands linked to big names like Sindimetal-RS, Sebrae-RS and Sebrae -SC.

Metalurgia 2014 – Fair and Congress of Technology for Casting, Forging, Aluminum and Services

Powergrid – Energy Trade Fair and Congress – Technology, Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency

Date: September 16 – 19, 2014
Hours: 14:00 to 21:00
Location: Expoville – Joinville/SC – Brazil
Organization: Messe Brasil

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