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Metef-Foundeq 2012 in Verona, Italy


After four days at VeronaFiere, positive confirmations for Metef-Foundeq, an international trade show for the world of aluminium and machines for the processing of metals, and Metalriciclo-Recomat, an exhibition dedicated to the recycling of industrial materials. Attending foreign operators, who represent 30% of the total 15000 visitors, went up by 5%, as predicted. VeronaFiere consolidates its role a privileged partner to promote business meeting between exhibiting companies and foreign buyers.

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Metef 2012Metef 2012Metef 2012

Objectives reached after four days fully immersed in business internationalisation. Thus, positive confirmations for the ninth edition of Metef-Foundeq ( and Metalriciclo-Recomat (, the two exhibitions held 18-21 April that for the first time exhibited at VeronaFiere the world of machinery and equipment for the processing of metals and recycling of industrial materials. The event showed a 5% increase in professional operators present. This result confirms that the decision of Alfin-Edimet, Metef-Foundeq and Metalriciclo-Recomat holding company, to move both exhibitions to Verona fair complex since this year was the right thing to do. Alfin-Edimet has signed an important partnership agreement with VeronaFiere for the direct co-organisation of these exhibitions.

As Mario Bertoli, Alfin-Edimet President, explains:  «Our decision was based on the concept that moving the event to VeronaFiere would mean a greater future to the exhibitions, as the complex attract foreign visitors to all its events thanks to excellent infrastructures and know-how. An objective already reached in this debut. »

«Over 500 exhibiting companies, 37% from 28 foreign countries, over 15,000 visitors, more than a third from abroad, 15000 square metres of exhibiting area divided into 4 pavilions, dozens of technical and business conferences acting as an educational and cultural frame. It is clear that we are satisfied with this edition, particularly because it was the first time that Metef was held at Verona, and because the current gloomy market situation did not allow us to forecast such a good result», Mario Conserva,Alfin-Edimet vice-president, states.
Ettore Riello, VeronaFiere president
, is satisfied: «The Fair has reached two important goals: two new exhibitions regarding strategic industries such as foundry and recycling have been added to our portfolio, and our role as a privileged platform for business to international markets is consolidated.»

«VeronaFiere has made available, from this year on, its know-how and added-value services, such as the incoming of foreign operators and communications, which brought to the Fair, through its own network of representatives, over 400 official representatives from 22 countries, including Germany, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, China and India», Giovanni Mantovani, general director of the complex, underlines.

Positive comments also by the exhibitors from the industry segments represented in both exhibitions.

Having moved the event to Verona has been absolutely appreciated by exhibitors and visitors alike, who almost unanimously describe the new location as a key tool to provide greater dimension and international relevance to the fair. In order to continue with the original exhibition project, 2012 edition of Metef has reserved several points for special attention, because the global market to which the event is addressed is under deep transformation and the requirements of those working in the industry change, from the sector of semi-finished or extrusion, to foundry castings and die-casts, up to superficial finishes and related technologies, recycling of materials, environmental problems and energy efficiencies.Companies are the protagonists in a fair ever more international and many of the impressions gathered express how satisfied participants are:

Kjetil Ebbesberg, Executive Vice President for Hydro (a great European producer of primary aluminium): "We are the diamond sponsor in Metef, this proves that we believe in this international exhibition developed in Italy as we have always believed since the first edition in 1997. We confirm its validity, we appreciate the choice of Verona, which makes greater room for the exhibition and lets it be more competitive with other similar events at worldwide level; the reference market is not at its best, but we have detected during the fair positive signs from our contacts of the market downstream."

Mohammed Yahya, Manager of Corporate Relations and International Affairs in Dubal (Gulf's company, leader in the production of primary aluminium): "As producers of primary metal, we see in Metef an essential reference point for our contacts with the European and Italian market. During the four-day fair, we have met our main customers from different countries, as we had planned; the fair venue is very organised and efficient, then Verona is a very beautiful city, with charming surroundings and this does not come amiss."

Reinhard Hintersser, Sales Manager in Hammel (recycling of metals): "We have registered a great interest of several operators of our sector, there has been a strong presence of international visitors, I'd have never thought I'd find visitors in Metef from South Africa; recycling may represent an area of great development for the future of your fair, and we'll come back for sure."

Maurizio Sala, EcocerFoundry:" We are part of Metef Organising Committee and we were sure that it'd be a good edition of the fair; moving it to Verona has been a positive fact, because VeronaFiere is a large trade fair complex and this guarantees in itself greater visibility, especially in international events as Metef. Our stand has been full of customer since the first day, so we cannot do anything but being satisfied."

Giovanni Magarotto, General Director in T.T. Tomorrow Technology (machinery and systems for aluminium foundry): "We are very satisfied with the international contacts in the fair; the new venue in Verona is a great opportunity for growth of the event and exhibitors, we have already booked for 2014."

Fulvio Piana, Chief Executive Officer in Eramet Italia, Aubert and Duval multinational group (raw materials): "A good Metef edition, in spite of the decidedly difficult situation of the reference market. We are sure that the movement to Verona will further boost Metef."

Francesco Savelli, Sales Manager in Savelli SpA (worldwide leader in metal foundry plants): "With the movement of the fair to Verona, Metef-Foundeq consolidates as in important fair of worldwide reference for the sector. The foundry area has reacted very well even in the difficulties we all know; the worldwide market is moving in many countries, the good attendance of international visitors to the fair is a sign of vitality."  

Jose Penin,
Sales Manager for Mediterranean area and Northern Africa in Wagstaff (US company, worldwide leader in machinery for direct die-casting of aluminium billets and plates): " We operate in a global market, so we feel less the undeniable crisis felt in old economies. We participate in Metef since the first edition and we consider this fair as one of the unmissable appointments for our company. The movement to Verona is a great opportunity for exhibitors, the trade fair complex is beautiful and well organised, I think that Metef will go on growing with the recovery of the market."

Lorenzo Bacigalupo
, Sales Manager for Europe in Selee Corporation (US company of products for metalworking): "For us, Metef is a necessary appointment for the penetration of our products in Europe. We have seen an edition of the most beautiful fair and the most appreciated by customers with the new location, much attendance for the foundry and die-casting sector, much quietness for extrusion. We are very satisfied because we have concluded some important agreements during the Fair."

Richard Starczewski,
Sales Manager of a division in Pyrotek (worldwide leader in products for metal foundry): "We returned to Metef after an interval of some editions, the new venue in Verona is a step forwards, very appreciable for the quality and logistics of the event. We have found a rather weak Italian and European market in general, while the good participation of foreign visitors and the increased internationalisation have been good for the fair."

Paolo Zanone
, Sales Manager for Italy and Middle East for Buehler (Swiss company for machinery for aluminium die-casting): "Good presence in the fair of companies in our sector that are protagonists in the worldwide market, we thought there'd be greater attendance of visitors, but it is clear that the market is weak, particularly in Europe. Very good was the choice of Verona, which, in fact, grants possibilities for growth".

Alberto Albertini
, Communications Manager in Italpresse (die-casting machinery): " We have not missed any Metef edition, it is an exhibition that we must back up at all costs, even in the most difficult moments of the market, because this event represents the extraordinary stock of Italian technical and technological knowledge in important sectors of the processing of metals such as foundry, die-casting and extrusion of aluminium. It has not been an extraordinary attendance of visitors, but I think we are at the levels of recent editions and this is already a positive fact; we are used to organise ourselves, we have carefully programmed contacts with active and potential customers, our stand was always crowded."

Riccardo Ferrario
, Idra General Director (die-casting machinery): "Nice edition, even if difficult times have evidently hampered greater presence of exhibitors and mainly visitors; we are satisfied with the participation and contacts, who were very qualified in the fair."

Massimo Grossi,
Sales Manager in Bodega SpA (aluminium extrusion) "The movement to Verona was positive, since it grants greater visibility to the fair and places it in a much more international system of events. The extrusion sector, especially in Southern Europe is not going through a particularly brilliant period, so we have not seen great attendance of visitors, but there has been several good contacts with foreign technicians, which lets hope for interesting developments."


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