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Member of Imerys Group, the world leader in industrial minerals, IFME supplies the foundry industry with high performance minerals and innovative solutions for investment casting (flours and stuccos), special sands for sand casting (mould and core), refractory fillers for foundry coatings and any other application in the moulding and casting process.IFME’s partners have a long experience in mining and processing minerals :


World leader in Andalusite production with five deposits in operation, located in France, South Africa and China.

Imerys Minerals – Molochite

World leader in the production of kaolins and calcined kaolins ; producer of Molochite, one of the most used refractory in Investment Casting. Main deposits and production facilities are located in Cornwall and Devon area.

Treibacher Schleifmittel :

Worldwide leading provider of Fused Aluminium Oxide, Fused Mullite and Fused Zirconia – Mullite. Facilities are located in Europe, America and Asia.

merys Ceramics France :

World leader in supplying the ceramic industry with a wide range of mineral products, including micas, kaolins, ball clays and feldspars.

Its minerals for foundry are extracted and produced in France (Brittany).Mullite, Fused Aluminas, Andalusite, Molochite and Micas are a small part of the wide mineral portfolio that IFME sales team offers to the foundry industry.Thus, thanks to this partnership, IFME is able to provide customised and innovative solutions adapted to the customers’ process.

I F M E:


From Investment Casting to Sand Casting, whatever is the moulding technique, the choice of the most appropriate mineral raw material is necessary to ensure process efficiency. Mineralogy, form, grade and particle size distribution are only a small part of the data taken into account by technical staffs when selecting the most suitable mineral solution for the customer’s process.

IFME works closely with the Imerys Research & Development Center (CARRD) and is prepared to carry out specific development projects in order to help customers by analysing their process setup and proposing technical solutions.

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