Loramendi & Aurrenak Group, who merged into ‘One Team’ in 2005, have a long history in the Chinese market and have been global leaders in the foundry world for 50 years.

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2021 marked the 25th Anniversary of having established ourselves in China. And after contributing to the Chinese foundry industry with more than 35 years of project experience, we continue to have a strong, relevant presence in the Chinese market thanks to our new premises located in the downtown area of Shanghai, alongside the Mondragon Group.

Our experience in core making, tooling and processes has put us on a path towards digitalization, interconnection, and environmentally friendly solutions. Loramendi & Aurrenak are globally recognised benchmarks, providing solutions in areas like electrification (electric motor) as well as green technologies such as inorganic processes and E-VMM (Electric Vertical Moulding Machines).

Loramendi & Aurrenak have continued to focus on the sector's international trade fairs, such as Metal + Metallurgy China, where we have attended each and every event despite the worldwide COVID situation. Our aim is to continue supporting the recovery of our customers and markets by providing innovative solutions.

We have also strengthened our staff at Loramendi China by appointing Yu Lei (Jerry) as our company’s new Commercial Director, he has spent the past decade committed to the automotive industry and has extensive experience working abroad, such as in Europe and Japan. Jerry is responsible for all Loramendi & Aurrenak China sales activities and takes on his management role with both technical and commercial experience.

Loramendi & Aurrenak has consolidated its presence in Europe, Asia and America, and its customers represent the world's leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. Since opening the Chinese subsidiary in 1996, both companies have been supporting and working closely with our Chinese customers by providing the smartest, most complete solutions in the foundry industry. Our combined knowledge of technology and broad foundry solutions portfolio always adapt to the end user’s requirements.

Customer focus and developing long-term partnership relationships with our customers and suppliers are key, actively contributing to the technological development of our customers within the foundry sector. In addition, we provide an excellent after-sales service throughout the entire service life of our installations in order to achieve maximum performance.