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NEW Digital Series Severe Duty Performance Manipulator

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Vulcan Engineering has made major changes to our Manipulators with a digital control system that exploits the latest practical capabilities while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

Action® Manipulators have undergone a major evolution, driven by reliability, maintainability, efficiency and cost of ownership. At every turn, we have minimized the component count, maximizing commonality and availability, and ensuring ease of maintenance.

The majority of manipulators in the marketplace are based on 1980’s technology, with minor, incremental improvements in the 1990’s and 2000’s.Combining the input of our customer base with the best of industrial technology in all areas, we have created the new world standard for severe duty manipulators.

The new control design has been engineered with the hand control as the primary user interface. The hand control is instantly intuitive as the operator’s hand motion directly corresponds to the boom motion. An intuitive, user-friendly HMI provides real information during normal operation as well as error/alarm events for improved ease of use.

Control Advantages

  • Open-architecture control system utilizing industry-standard commercially available components.
  • No proprietary hardware, highly customizable.
  • Complete control system utilizing network I/O.
  • Minimized cabling increased reliability, Ethernet connectivity.
  • System status, error/fault indications plainly displayed on the HMI.
  • Intuitive diagnostics, with no error codes or LEDs to decipher for diagnostics.
  • PLC controls all valves directly.
  • Motion control tuning is performed entirely from the cab with GUI on HMI.
  • No external driver cards or proprietary boards; fewer connections; simplified maintenance/optimization.
  • “Soft” limits can be easily programmed from HMI for the closed-loop axes.
  • Envelope can be constrained to fit virtually any scenario.
  • Network I/O connection at HPU and customizable HMI in cab.
  • Virtually infinite possibilities for monitoring/controlling peripheral equipment from the manipulator cab.

Several standard models with 500 to 3000kg payload capacity are available with sweep envelopes to meet individual customers’ requirements. Attachments are also available for a wide variety of applications such as hot casting grapples, Riser knockoff Impactors™, and Combination Grapple/Impactors™.

Overall Advantages

  • Extensive use of FEA and 3D computer modeling to optimize structural geometry, joints and members, resulting in low unit stresses, minimum power consumption and maximum reliability.
  • Non-proprietary hydraulic cylinders are used throughout. Primary axis cylinders are identical to minimize part inventory.
  • Bearings, valves, electronics, and other non-proprietary components are readily available from multiple sources for cost-effectiveness.
  • Best of both worlds... superior performance and reliability, with industrial-standard components.

Vulcan’s new Digital Series Action® Manipulator is a truly up-to-date design. It offers the latest technology in mechanical and hydraulic components, and incorporates industry-standard digital controls that are open, customizable, and expandable with no proprietary components. Vulcan Engineering Co. has the depth and breadth of experience and personnel to collaborate with customers on configuring, deploying and supporting this equipment. For more information on Action Manipulators or any othe Vulcan Product or system please visit our website at Also, please meet our team of experts at our upcoming show: Automate 2015 at booth #225, Metal + Metallurgy China 2015 at booth #N151, Metal Casting Congress at booth #306, GIFA 2015 at booth 16D11.

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