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New Kurtz Solutions For Tiltable Gravity & Gravity Casting

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Kurtz Gravity Casting Machines
The Core Pull Makes The Difference

On the whole, gravity casting is the classical casting process. Practiced for hudreds of years, it still offers potential for improvement. Kurtz has developed a machine concept especially for jobbing foundries. Due to the modular machine design this concept can be universally employed. What is needed is fl exibility with respect to the most varied castings. A conversion must be possible without great effort. And Kurtz machines easily meet these requirements. By adding core pulls and additional closing units, the basic machine is even suitable for the demands of highly complex castings.
The maximum expansion stage of the basic concept is the socalled tandem machine. Two casting dies are run in phase on one machine. This leads to increased productivity with the added advantage of little space requirement and few personnel.

The movable hydraulic unit offers possibilities as a mobile control and hydraulic power unit for controlling the casting die’s closing and opening motions for up to two casting machines.

All gravity casting machines are equipped with the tried and tested control system, which is also being employed in other machine types. The machine programme controls the process sequence and motion of the core pulls. In addition, linking the machine control with an external control system for the process management of a complete casting cell offers application possibilities in large-scale production as well.


  • Freely programmable control
  • recipe management to store machine and process data
  • Solid machine design for harsh foundry conditions
  • Modular machine design: closing units, ejectors and core pulls are interchangeable
  • Continuous adjustment of all units available as option
  • Precise guiding of mould segments and high closing forces
  • Hydraulics with pressure & flow rate controlled pumps
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Hydraulic hand lever control or freely programmable microprocessor control with display and operator guidance



Housing cover

Mobile hydraulic unit with integrated control unit to operate up to 2 machines

Kurtz tiltable Gravity Casting Machines
Controlled Filling for Maximum Quality
Just as the Bavarian expertly pours his Weissbier in the glass, Kurtz casting machines fi ll the molten metal into the mould with low turbulence. The freely programmable tilting rate allows an optimum fi lling rate. This guarantees high quality and takes irregularities out of the process.

In contrast to gravity casting, tiltable casting offers the advantage of a clear reduction in returns. This is achieved with the utilization of the casting contour as a cast-in system and a reduced gating area. At the end of the fi lling process the last of the poured metal collects in the gating area which now serves as a feeder.

The advantage of the modular construction is also the fl exible addition of core pulls with programmable speeds to adapt the machine to a wide variety of demands. Kurtz machines can be completed to automatic casting cells by adding external units for melt handling and parts removal.


  • Solid machine design for harsh foundry conditions
  • Modular machine design: closing units, ejectors and core pulls are interchangeable
  • Continuous adjustment of all units available as option
  • 20 tilting speed stages, tilting range of 90°
  • Closing unit with 4 guiding tie bars and high closing forces, precise guiding of mould segments
  • Tilting motion via controlled hydraulics to controlled servo hydraulics
  • Hydraulics with pressure and flow rate controlled pumps
  • Freely programmable microprocessor control with display and operator guidance

Gravity Casting Plants, Handling & More
Complete Casting Cells
Kurtz provides tiltable gravity and gravity casting machines which are available as single machine or turn-key complete solutions / complete casting cells. The flexible machine concept is easily adaptable to different customer requirements: low cost or high tech versions, maximum flexibility for frequent product changes or individual customized solutions.

Ejectors with hydraulic coupling

Casting robot

Side shifter straight / tilted

Holding furnace

Coupling of the die cooling

Cooling systems: water-, air- or mixed cooling

Tiltable gravity casting machine, tilted by 90°, servo-hydraulic tilting motion, tilting angle of up to 110° possible

Apart from automated casting processes the focus is on core and part handling. Additional features and peripherals are realized subject to requirement. Servo-hydraulic, i. e. controlled, casting machines are used for tiltable gravity casting with robot. The free programming of both robot and casting machine is absolutely quick and easy; robot and casting machine must run synchronously to obtain high-quality castings.

The KURTZ casting machine division acts as one-stop supplier: The customer can expect complete solutions from one source - from casting and process development through the steps mould making, installation of the machine on site, mould start-up and training. In short: KURTZ takes responsibility as a general contractor.

Supply Scope:
  • Solid machine design for harsh foundry conditions
  • Casting machines
  • Robot for dosing and pouring melt into the machine
  • Peripherals for robot
  • Freely programmable casting cell control
  • Cooling technology
  • Holding furnaces
  • Handling system/-manipulators for castings and sand cores
  • Core grabber/grabber system
  • Casting spoon
  • Conveyor systems for castings
  • Heating technology for casting spoon and die

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