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In appointing Uwe Hartmann CEO and Stefan Reichert Managing Director, Legris Industries has

strengthened its Keller Division’s top management to meet future challenges.

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Uwe Hartmann joined Keller in 1999 and has very successfully developed the Division’s MSR business
unit, specializing in automation (IAS – Intelligent Automation Solutions) and industrial measurement
(ITS – Infrared Thermometer Solutions). His extensive background in international markets,
combined with deep familiarity with customer needs, strong technical skills, and recognized
leadership will allow him to structure and accelerate Keller’s profitable growth.

Stefan Reichert joined Keller in 2012 as General Counsel and headed the Division’s Legal Affairs
department. Deeply involved in business development, he will combine his understanding of market
and customer needs with expertise in organizational development to set up and support efficient
management, strengthening the company’s positioning as a reliable partner.

The Keller Division reported 2016 sales of €74 million (65% outside the eurozone) and is a world
leader in the heavy clay industry. Groupe Legris Industries supports growth at Keller with targeted
investments to expand existing market share and consolidate world-scale expertise through
investment in cutting-edge research and development.

In a joint statement, Uwe Hartmann and Stefan Reichert said: "Keller is a premium company with
outstanding skills and people. We are both dedicated to its ongoing success. Our goal is to strengthen
the competitive edge of our longstanding customers and continue to grow the Division’ success."

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