NL – Mega order of 30 million for BUVO Castings

BUVO Castings, a player in the metal industry based in Helmond, has recently won an impressive order worth more than thirty million euros. The order comes from one of the largest suppliers in the automotive industry and concerns the production of high-quality parts for car loading systems.

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After a period of more than three years of challenging market conditions, this large order marks an important milestone for BUVO Castings. With the slogan "Die Casting for Green Mobility", BUVO Castings shows where its ambitions lie. The company is determined to make an important contribution to sustainable mobility. The project for the automotive industry fits in seamlessly with this vision, as the charging systems are essential components for electric and hybrid vehicles.

BUVO Castings attaches great importance to sustainability and fully fits into the circular industry with the reuse of aluminium. The aluminium used in the production of the parts is obtained exclusively from scrap, so that no new raw materials are exploited. This contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

In addition to components for car charging systems, BUVO Castings also supplies crucial components for hybrid heat pump installations, which are of great importance in the current energy transition. The company thus plays an important role in promoting green energy solutions. In addition, BUVO Castings is working on achieving significant energy savings. The company has ambitious plans to integrate hydrogen as an energy source into its production processes.

"We are very pleased with this mega order and the trust that our customers have placed in us," says Pieter Rijs, CEO of BUVO Castings. "It enables us to further strengthen our leadership in the casting industry while contributing to a more sustainable mobility sector. We continue to focus our efforts on innovation, quality and sustainability in order to exceed our customers' expectations."