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OTTO JUNKER: Pouring furnace for ITT

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Pouring furnace for ITT Flygt AB, Sweden

Following our delivery of a medium-frequency melting furnace system to ITT Flygt AB in 2003, OTTO JUNKER was awarded a new order in late 2009 for the supply of an induction-heated pouring furnace to this customer.  With a total capacity of 13 tonnes and a power rating of 350 kW, the equipment is intended to replace an existing unheated pouring system and to provide additional buffering capacity to help boost the performance of the moulding machine. The average tapping weight per grey iron casting is 70 kg, but castings of as much as 250 kg may be produced as well.  The pouring furnace will be equipped with a laser system to ensure precise positioning in the varying pouring positions.  Optimum tapping weights will be accurately maintained by sensing the melt level in the sprue cup with the aid of a Koins laser system. Our scope of supply will include an inoculating system as well as a hydraulically tiltable filling station.

Work is now proceeding energetically on the design of this furnace. Its delivery is scheduled for May 2010.





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