PL – 10th Polish Foundries CEOs Forum A fruitful meeting in the mirror of great challenges

the 10th Polish Foundries CEOs Forum took place at the Binkowski Hotel in Kielce. The event was organized by Polish Foundrymen's Association and Polish Foundry Chamber of Commerce and was held under the patronage of:


• World Foundry Organization

• CAEF - The European Foundry Association

• Polish Chamber of Commerce


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In the beautiful scenery of the Świętokrzyskie region in southern Poland, the meeting was attended by CEOs and directors of the most important foundries in Poland and CEOs of companies that are suppliers for the foundry industry.

Here is an overview of the agenda items and specialist presentations:

• “World Foundry Industry” - Jose Javier Gonzalez, World Foundry Organization

• “European Foundry Industry” - Fynn-Willem Lohe, CAEF - The European Foundry Association

“Polish Foundry Industry” - Katarzyna Liszka, Polish Fondrymen's Association,

Panel discussion with the following participants:

• Doug Kurkul - American Foundry Society

• Jose Javier Gonzalez - World Foundry Organization

• Fynn-Willem Lohe - CAEF - The European Foundry Association

• Serter Koray Hatipoglu - Tudoksad, Turkey.

• Andrew Turner - World Foundry Organization

• Andrzej Ryba - Polish Foundry Chamber of Commerce.

The main topics discussed in the Discussion Panel were:

1. Increase in prices of materials, energy and labor costs - measures taken in this regard.

2. Availability of raw materials, energy, gas and crude oil and the maintenance of production.

3. Employment and investments in the foundry industry.

The discussion panel was moderated by Witold Dobosz from Polish Foundry Chamber of Commerce and  ended with a fruitful discussion of the speakers and participants of the meeting.

Then on the second day further specific additional topics like:

• “Challenges for companies” - operating in extremely high-risk conditions.

Piotr Soroczyński, Chief Economist, Polish Chamber of Commerce

• “Foundry in the age of high energy costs and environmental requirements. Chances and dangers”.

Leszek Rzeszowski, Łukasz Rzeszowski, NEGA-Energy

• “Development and implementation of a technology for the production of castings for slag ladles made of cast iron and cast steel with surface ceramic layers of PWC”

Zbigniew Gorazda, CEO, Odlewnia Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o.

• “From stability to volatility - what next?”

Oleg Bylinowski, Business Unit Manager, Foseco

• “How we are changing for you”

Marcin Gliwiński, CEO, HA Polska Sp. z o.o.

• “Presentation of the ASK Chemicals offer - 3D binder technology”

Adam Omelański, CEO, ASK Chemicals

• “The exhibition industry after the pandemic”

Andrzej Mochoń, CEO, Targi Kielce S.A.

Between the lectures there was enough time for numerous social contacts, successful gatherings were held which helped to strengthen old friendships and establish some new business relationships.

In summary: The 10th Polish Foundries CEOs Forum - a meeting of representatives of the most important companies in the industry was a very successful event.

Fantastic papers, essential discussions, networking, informative speakers and great guests.

With thanks to the sponsors of the Forum:

Golden Sponsors: Odlewnia Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o., NEGA – Energy

Silver Sponsors: Huttenes Albertus Polska Sp. z o.o., FOSECO, ASK Chemicals, Targi Kielce S.A

The media patrons of the event were:

• Foundry Planet

• Przegląd Odlewnictwa


Source: Polish Foundrymen`s Association