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Preccon Robotics GmbH - Precision in every detail

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“PRECision CONcept for robotics“ – the name of the Bayreuth company, Preccon Robotics GmbH itself, makes it clear: the company develops software and hardware which guarantees the precise mode of operation of robots.

Preccon Robotics was founded in April 2006 by two robotics specialists, Dieter Ladegast and Hartmut Lindner. The company is located in the Bayreuther Gründerzentrum (BGZ) [Bayreuth Founders’ Centre]. The BGZ is integrated into the competency centre Neue Materialen Bayreuth (NMB) [New Materials Bayreuth]. Preccon Robotics has made use of the innovative environment offered here since the founding. With the research project FlexWB, Preccon Robotics, has applied to the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) [German Federal Ministry for Education and Research] together with NMB, Daimler Chrysler, VW and Thyssen.

The company’s customer list is impressive. Leading automobile manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler or Volkswagen already belong to the permanent clientele which includes companies like adidas, Bosch, Continental and Infineon. Preccon Robotics is also very successful internationally and has many contacts to the most important industrial nations such as China, Russia and the United States of America.

Precision in every detail – working out concepts exactly and realistically, successfully implementing projects and increasing the physical precision of robots enormously – that is Preccon Robotics.


  • Process technology with robots

  • Painting, milling, grinding, cutting, applying adhesives, polishing
  • Offline programming of robotics systems
  • Simulation
  • analyses  of the selection of the robots, the design of the tools and robot cells
  • Standardisation of the robot applications in injection moulding techniques
  • Calibration of robots, tools (TCP) and reference systems
  • Synchronisation of robotics systems
  • Imaging with robotics


Corporate development:

The turnover rose from 144,000 euros in the year of founding 2006 to over 537,000 euros in 2007 to 1,388,000 euros in 2008. Currently Preccon Robotics has 19 employees.

Preccon Robotics is a company that trains apprentices and interns. Since September 2008, the Accounting department has been training an apprentice as an industrial clerk. The company has already overseen three theses. In 2008, five students from different universities were given a traineeships at Preccon.

In June 2008, the subsidiary Seritec GmbH was founded. The focus of the company is in the development and integration of imaging systems. This is used in the areas of process automation and quality assurance.





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