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Precimeter installs fully automated slab caster in Italy

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With the successful installation of Precimeter equipment at the Laminazone Sottile plant in Italy during May 2009, the plant now has access to one of the most modern slab production facilities.

In order to convince the engineers from Laminazone Sottile, Precimeter had to prove the superiority of its ProH sensors. Laminazone had previous, less encouraging, experiences with laser sensors from a competitor. This is why they doubted the ProH would work properly in their steam rich environment. The test was no match for the carefully designed Precimeter sensors.

Laminazone went ahead with an installation consisting of ProH sensors for high accuracy measurement of the metal level in the distribution launder and moulds, Starter Dams and PXP- 2E:s for high precision control of the metal level and the Tilt Angle Feedback (TAFB) for measurement of the tilting angle of the furnace.

With this equipment, our engineers succeeded in providing a fully automated system from furnace tilting to mold level control. The installation has convinced Laminazone of the superiority of the Precimeter technology. After only three weeks of commissioning and on site training, local staff was able to perform a three-mould slab cast merely by the push of one single button. The main selling point for Laminazone to go ahead with the installation was to increase the safety in the working environment. With a fully automated system, workers do not need to be present close to the process during casting. One further reason was that they were given a tool to achieve repeatability in the process.

During casting, the metal level is kept within +/-1mm from the set point. By achieving this exact and accurate control, in combination with an alarm function, they are able to cast at a lower mold level than they used to. The repeatability of the process level has given Laminazone a tool to fine tune other parameters such as for instance water cooling and casting speed. The ability to do this is crucial for reaching a higher product quality. This first installation has proven to be of great satisfaction to Laminazone Sottile, and they have achieved their goals. This has, just recently, lead to the order of two 5 mould slab control systems for Laminazone’s two remaining lines. The second line is scheduled to be installed in January 2010.

Precimeter Group is a globally active company headquartered in Sweden. With offices and production in Sweden, Germany and the U.S.A we provide excellent service to our world wide customers. Precimeter is also present in China, Japan and Brazil with sales offices servicing the local markets. The core business and focus of Precimeter is molten metal level control.








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