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Following a successful start last year in the form of an exhibitor pavilion, EUROGUSS Mexico will celebrate another premiere at the Expo Guadalajara exhibition venue from 10 to 12 November 2020. Strong interest and lively participation last year encouraged NürnbergMesse to organize a stand-alone trade fair in Mexico, and to adapt the successful EUROGUSS concept to local market needs. The range of products and services covers the whole spectrum of light metal casting. NürnbergMesse is thus launching into another promising and lucrative market for die-casting and light metal casting, widening its existing product family in the process.

“The great success of the EUROGUSS Mexico pavilion and the very positive feedback from all the exhibitors gave us all the encouragement we needed to set up EUROGUSS Mexico as a stand-alone trade fair,” comments Christopher Boss, Director and International Product Manager of EUROGUSS.

The market for light metal casting in Mexico has grown massively in recent years, partly on account of strong demand from the automotive industry. Total sales are forecast to reach approximately USD 1.8 billion in 2020. Revenue from aluminium casting in the automotive sector is expected to show annual growth of about eight percent by 2020, ten percent on average for magnesium components and two percent for zinc. Suppliers are attracted by the production plants of prominent automakers like Audi, BMW, VW, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, but Mexico’s economic region is also bolstered by free trade agreements with the US and Europe, for example. Buyers for light metal casting are not limited to the automotive sector: other fields of industry like aviation and the electronics sector are among other major customers with prospects of positive development for the coming years. Many foundry businesses have recently expanded to Mexico and set up new operations. And the fact that many Mexican suppliers need to update their production systems to keep on meeting the required production standards is another factor underlying the steady increase in the need for foundry machinery and equipment. This is imported, for the most part – mainly from the US, China, Italy and Germany.

From pavilion to trade fair
The stand area in the exhibitor pavilion was fully booked long before the actual event. The exhibitors confirmed that they considered Mexico a highly promising and strategically important market. “Because there is a definitive need for a trade fair for light metal casting, it’s simply logical to hold a stand-alone event here,” Boss continues. “Many of the exhibitors at EUROGUSS have already confirmed their intention to participate.”

Powerful partners at EUROGUSS Mexico
NürnbergMesse is the organizer of EUROGUSS Mexico. Partners include the foundry cluster “Clúster de la Fundición” and Mexican aluminium trade association IMEDAL. For the three days of the event, almost 100 exhibitors are expected to be on hand to display products and services covering the entire value chain for light metal casting.

Target audience for EUROGUSS Mexico
Exhibitors come from fields such as die-casting, but there is also a focus on other light metal casting processes such as gravity die casting, low-pressure casting and aluminium sand casting for aluminium, zinc and magnesium. Visitor groups include buyers, design engineers, developers and decision-makers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction, aerospace, medical technology, and the furniture and construction industries. EUROGUSS Mexico also appeals to manufacturers of cast components in equal measure. And the trade fair will also cover key technologies like additive manufacturing, surface processing and digitalisation.

EUROGUSS Mexico: Gateway to the Mexican market
“With EUROGUSS Mexico we would like to offer companies a platform that will open the door to sales and provide access to the Mexican market,” says Boss. “After all, Mexico has huge potential. We have opted for a two-year cycle beginning in 2020.” With more than 250 events each year, Expo Guadalajara is one of Mexico’s most important exhibition venues, and is home to many of the country’s largest trade fairs. Guadalajara itself is a strategically important location offering many advantages. It is the capital of the Federal State of Jalisco, and lies about 500 km west of Mexico City. Its international airport makes it easy to reach from the US and numerous countries in Latin America. The region is home to plants operated by major manufacturers and suppliers, and also R&D centres, representing names like Honda, Nissan, VW, Toyota, Siemens and Valeo.

Call for speakers: Conference programme for EUROGUSS Mexico
The trade fair will be accompanied by a broad-based conference programme on topics of current interest relating to light metal casting. Just like the trade fair, the conference is intended to cover the entire value chain for light metal casting, and is being arranged in collaboration with a number of partner entities. “The call for speakers for EUROGUSS Mexico has begun,” says Boss. “All interested parties are invited to submit their lectures, case studies and examples of best practice. We are looking forward to contributions on many fascinating themes.” For additional information, please visit

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In even years, the European die-casting industry meets in Germany at the EUROGUSS trade fair at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. For three days, some 640 exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors learn about the latest technology, processes and products. EUROGUSS is the only event covering the entire die casting process chain, from high-tech machines through new materials to efficient services. In the die casting segment, NürnbergMesse Group is also active at CHINA DIECASTING (every year in Shanghai), ALUCAST, which takes place at different locations in India in all even years, and EUROGUSS Mexico, which will be held for the second time in Guadalajara in 2020. Last year, NürnbergMesse also organised the EUROGUSS ASIA PACIFIC Pavilion at the Metal AP show in Bangkok, Thailand.

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