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Presenting GEKO™ additives to the foundry industry

Clariant confirms its expertise in the sustainable extraction of bentonite and introduces the GEKO additives, designed to ensure efficiency and quality in sand casting, during the Fundiexpo fair in Mexico.

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Clariant introduced its GEKO line of natural additives, an efficient and sustainable solution for the foundry industry, at Fundiexpo 2018, which took place from Oct. 24 to 26 in Mexico. These additives are produced from bentonite, a mineral extracted by Clariant using sustainable processes. GEKO not only provides excellent thermal stability, thus ensuring unparalleled precision for production pieces cast in iron and steel, but also offers the best cost-benefit ratio, thanks to Clariant’s technical support and to the fact that it is produced in Mexico.

The GEKO additives play an important role in the production of cast pieces, offering exceptional dimensional precision, uniformity and surface finish. Green sand molds are most often used to produce cast iron and cast steel parts because they can tolerate high casting temperatures, but are also used with aluminum, brass, bronze and magnesium alloys.

Clariant is a global leader in supplying additives for green sand casting and micro fusion processes. “We are internationally known for conducting research and creating solutions for the foundry industry, and for helping to significantly improve our clients’ processes around the world,” said Sólon Ramos, head of the Functional Minerals Business Unit for Latin America.

As GEKO products add value with sustainability, clients who choose them can count on using raw materials obtained through sustainable mining processes, and rely on a long-term supply, thanks to Clariant’s investments on its own mines and production facilities that are near its clients and target markets, all around the world. Clariant has over 100 years of expertise in the bentonite extraction process and applies that knowledge at its Global Technology Development Center, in Germany.

During the event, Clariant hosted the talk “Reducing (bentonite) additives consumption – an efficient and sustainable solution for the foundry industry”, given by Patrice Moreau, Foundry Technical Sales Manager for Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

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