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REACH - A strategic concern for CONDAT

EUROPEAN REGULATION 2006/1907/CEE officially started June 1st, 2008

Since June 1st, 2008, the EUROPEAN REGULATION 2006/1907/CEE, better known under the name REACH, acronym of the words Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals, officially started. The fundamental REACH concept is the risk evaluation of a substance for the user and the environment regarding its use and the implementation of appropriate means of protection.

Chemical industries are affected by this new regulation. As creators of substances and formulators, lubricant producers have to comply with this rule and have to follow its process evolution.

Regarding awareness and harmonization of the project, CONDAT for more than 2 years now, has followed the REACH regulations.

After evaluating its responsibilities
- as manufacturer and importer of substances
- as formulator
CONDAT has implemented an action plan to meet the requirements and the deadlines of the statutory terms and has begun the pre-recording of manufactured and/or imported eligible substances.

REACH therefore is a key strategic element. The real variety of formulae and thus technical differentiation will be preserved only by formulators capable of anticipating well in advance the changes bound to REACH towards raw materials and of dealing with the possible unpredictability of their suppliers.

It is indeed the main objective of CONDAT to take all possible steps to ensure customers products are:  - In accordance with the regulation- User- and environmentally friendly ones- Adhering perfectly to the requirements of the operational application.

CONDAT relies on its knowledge (notably acquired with the Biocides Directive - Directive 98 / 8 / CE), as well as on its partnerships with customers and suppliers for the best possible anticipation of the expected or future changes, so as to ensure the supply of lubricants for a long time.
Beyond the performance criteria, CONDAT wants to associate the continuity notion with its range of lubricants.

Since its foundation in 1854, CONDAT has been recognized as the specialist in lubricants. Thanks to its knowledge, CONDAT develops lubricants with strong technical added value, adapted to every industrial application (metal working, wire drawing, forging, foundry, maintenance, underground works and tunnels …). CONDAT recommends to its customers the best lubricating solution, in terms of technical, economical and environmental constraints.



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