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Ready to get your aluminium foundry back on track?

StrikoWestofen - We are here to help you get going

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Whether Corona Virus (COVID-19) restrictions have put your production on pause or have meant a reduced level of casting, we are here to help make sure your aluminium operations get back up and running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively for optimal productivity, fast.

Our aim is, and has always been, to provide you with the best possible support under any circumstances. So, with that in mind - here are a few things you might find useful as we move forward, together.

Before you start your melting furnaces...
Did you know furnace efficiency and functionality can be affected by periods of inactivity? To ensure your StrikoMelter delivers optimum melting performance from the beginning, it is advisable to carry out basic cleaning before re-starting – this will also help achieving optimum metal quality.

It is also worth cleaning and checking the positioning of the thermocouples located in the melting and holding chamber, as accurate temperature monitoring is essential to furnace efficiency.

Lastly, for optimal performance it is advisable to dismantle the protective tubes and making sure the correct pre-heating program is selected (with a short heating curve).

In the video to the right, you can find some tips for furnace cleaning.



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