Realizing the Signs of the Times - Metal China & CIDC 2019 in Shanghai

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When Mr. Zhang Libo opened the Metal China 2019 together with CIDC he was proud and also quite clear in his analyses statement emphasizing the current international trade situation as complex and changeable and the upcoming industrial revolution for the foundry industry as a interesting period for all participants in the industry. In that case it was a brilliant sign to host 1180 exhibitors from 21 countries, also from the leading suppliers for machinery, material and services from abroad.

MMC and CIDC had set up 10 pavilions with a covered area of more than 100.000 square meters, which was a new record for Shanghai.

Together with their co-organizers of CMES, Hong Kong Casting Industry Association and Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association, CFA set up a wide range of networking, communication and events.

The Asean Foundry Association has been bound for foundation, One Belt One Road is getting more and more members and the Thailand International Foundry Metallurgical Exhibition in September 2019 will pave the way for Chinese and other enterprises to go abroad this way.

The field of Die Casting had an interesting meeting with the 50 leading Chinese Die Casting CEO´s and we will see how it will develop in this environment.

Shanghai and CFA as hosts did a great job, we have met a lot of Chinese friends and experts of the industry and we are looking forward to the next show in 2020, which will also take place in Shanghai:

In 2020 the next MMC  in Shanghai in the National Exhibition Center from May 13. – 15. 2020, so it moves from Beijing to Shanghai.

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