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reisPAD – the new programming and operating technology

REIS starts delivery of robot systems with the new reisPAD portable teach pendant.

The reisPAD of Reis Robotics sets new standards in programming and operation of robots. The operating and programming concept with the reisPAD is based on the 10.4" touch display with big softkey buttons clearly arranged. Additional hardware buttons are no longer required. On the operating panel there is only left the emergency-stop button and the permission key for release of the robot movements.

The innovative operating and programming concept is designed in such way that the advantages of touchscreen interfaces are used without missing the haptic feeling when operating a button. Around the touch area there are haptic marks at the casing so that the operator without any problem can activate the icons without looking, if necessary. In order to ensure high accuracy, special attention was paid to the fact that a big touch area is available for every button. Operation can be learned intuitively and is done via max. 2 operating menus so that the user does not need to scroll through a variety of menus for selection of the desired function. All important operating functions are always presented on the first menu level. Releasing a function, only a partial area of the display is used for the 2nd operating menu, while the main functions still are presented on the display. Thus, the operator never loses the context and can jump back into the main menu very easily via a toggle function.

For the release of safety relevant functions, such as the start of the automatic operation, the operator uses an easily learned code swipe so that release of this function by mistake can be avoided safely. The change of the operating mode, due to safety requirements can normally only be effected with a key switch. However, the reisPAD is designed in a very elegant way that allows entering a PIN code authenticating the loop between operator and safety electronics in the robot control. This software solution as a replacement for the key switch conforms to the current safety regulations and was accepted by the certification bodies. For activation of robot movements in single-axis operation there are scrollbars for definition of speeds or rotary knobs for position setting. In Cartesian operation the user can control the positions or the orientation angles of the robot very elegantly and very easily with trackballs presented on the touch display.

The ergonomic housing and the favorable position of the center of gravity at the operating panel substantially reduces operator fatigue, even in case of long programming phases.

Customers and users value the reisPAD as the best portable teach pendant available on the market. Among the first customers for this new technology there are renowned companies from the automotive supply industry, machine manufacturers and research companies in Germany and abroad. The PAD is not only used at Reis for the automation systems, but also by automation manufacturers from related sectors who get the innovative operating and programming technology based on the reisPAD from Reis Robotics and use it in their systems. The reisPAD-concept is designed such way that other automation manufacturers can install their own user interface on the PAD and adapt it to the relevant application.

Author: Dr. Eberhard Kroth

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