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Remet’s Wax Room

As part of its role as your concept to casting partner, Remet aims to support you at every stage of your process.

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One of the services that Remet offers is a fully equipped wax room, manned by highly skilled and experienced staff. This wax room offers a number of benefits to customers:

Extra Capacity
Remet's wax room is available to meet your demands when your own capacity has been reached. This flexibility allows you to better react to fluctuations in workload of your wax room resources without having to make capital investments for short term peaks in demand.

Long Term Capacity 
Remet can produce a steady and consistent supply of your wax patterns, runners or any other wax part, all produced to your specifications, freeing up your wax presses for other parts.

With the knowledge that development and validation projects can be delayed by your presses being required for production, Remet's wax presses are available to perform these projects without impacting your production runs in these situations. This is complemented by an onsite shell room allowing you to shell patterns as well as shoot them.

With an experienced team of experts and fully equipped laboratory, Remet can troubleshoot and resolve your wax injection issues.

Soluble Parts
Remet’s press facility offers the production of soluble parts, using premium grade Solucore J23. J23 offers high quality cores for use in the most complex patterns and negates the need to use, more costly, preformed ceramic cores. These soluble cores are produced to a high level of detail with an outstanding surface finish, and have excellent dimensional stability and strength characteristics.

The purpose-built wax facility is located with the UK warehouse and is close to Remet UK’s office and laboratory.

If you are interested in any of these services, or would like to schedule a visit and discuss how Remet can support your business, please contact us.

This is just one of the ways that Remet is your…

                                                        “Concept to Casting Partner”

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Remet UK Ltd

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1634 226 240