Renault Trucks is taking a critical step in the transformation of urban transport by announcing the signing of a contract with the Carlsberg Group to deliver 20 D Wide Z.E. These 100% electric 26-tonne trucks, which will be delivered in 2020, will be operated by the Feldschlösschen brewery, the Group's Swiss subsidiary.

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Renault Trucks believes that urban transport needs to move towards electric mobility quickly to improve quality of life in city centres and tackle global CO2 emission, and is taking a decisive step in this direction by announcing the signing of a contract with the Carlsberg Group to deliver 20 D Wide Z.E. to the Feldschlösschen brewery in Switzerland.

Bruno Blin, president of Renault Trucks emphasises: “It is the first order of this scale in Europe. It proves to our customers that the transport sector is undergoing a major transformation and reflects an industrial and commercial reality: our Renault Trucks electric trucks are rolling off the assembly line and will be on the roads of Europe in a few weeks’ time.”

These 20 Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. 26t will make daily delivery rounds of between 100 and 200 km to supply Feldschlösschen Swiss clients from the brewer's 15 logistical sites in Switzerland.

Feldschlösschen is committed to zero-emission logistics, partly through production sites being served by railway lines.

With a comprehensive range of electric trucks from 3.1 to 26 tonnes, Renault Trucks meets both current and future requirements of professionals operating in urban environments. These vehicles are ideally suited to waste collection and distribution operations, enabling noiseless rounds at unconventional hours at the same time as preserving quality of life for local residents. Renault Trucks D and D Wide Z.E. are produced at the manufacturer’s plant in Blainville-sur-Orne (Calvados, France).

Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. technical specifications:

- GVW: 26 tonnes. 
- Weight: 27 tonnes
- Available wheelbase: 3,900 mm
- Two electric motors with a total rating of 370 kW (260 kW continuous output)
- Maximum torque of electric motors: 850 Nm
- Maximum torque rear axle: 28 kNm
- Two-speed gear box
- Energy storage: lithium-ion batteries, 200 kWh
- Real-world operating range: up to 200 km