SLM Solutions signs Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the purchase of five NXG XII 600 with Major European OEM

A major European OEM has signed an MoU to purchase five NXG XII 600 machines, with the first machine delivery in 2022. The agreement also facilitates the reservation and allocation of production-slots.

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In November 2020, SLM Solutions unveiled the NXG XII 600 boasting 12 lasers, each with 1 kW power and a build envelope of 600x600x600mm. Its arrival marks a breakthrough in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector and paves the way for industrial serial production. Combined with innovative technical features, maximum productivity and reliability, it proves SLM Solutions' technological leadership in the AM manufacturing industry. The customer will be one of the first global companies to take advantage of its benefits and intends to implement it for serial production.

Sam O'Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions explains: "When we launched the NXG XII 600, we knew it would disrupt the industry and spark a new era for manufacturing. Therefore, this MoU just two months after the launch is an exciting milestone for the company. It validates our vision that the OEMs can implement innovative additive manufacturing technology for serial production into their business models." He then went on to say that: "The NXG XII 600 accelerates the future of metal additive manufacturing, and our engineers have further pushed the boundaries of what is possible."

Additive Manufacturing can lead to numerous commercial and technical advantages allowing companies to strengthen their competitive positions. It requires knowledge in additive manufacturing, but above all, robust and productive machines. The SLM Solutions' NXG XII 600 takes manufacturing to a new level and enables the production of complex, high-quality metal parts in only a few hours.

O'Leary further states: “This MoU underlines that not only are we prepared to step forward to the industrialization of metal additive manufacturing, but the marketplace is ready as well."

The final binding agreement will be signed by Q2 2021.

Additionally, a further beta machine contract has been concluded with another customer. This machine will be delivered in Q2 2021.