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SPETA Visits and Exchanges Ideas with YIZUMI

In November, a delegation of 29 from the Singapore Precision Engineering and Technology Association (SPETA) visits YIZUMI. Ms. Karen Yu, Deputy General Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division, Mr. Justin Hu, Regional Manager of YIZUMI Injection Molding Machine Division, and Mr. Larry Wang, Product & Marketing Management Department Manager of YIZUMI Die Casting Machine Division, attend the meeting and give them a tour.

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To begin, Ms. Karen Yu details the evolution and global layout of YIZUMI, and leads the delegation on a tour of the YIZUMI Global Innovation Center and YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory, providing an intuitive experience of the practical application scenarios of digitalization.

A simulated car model coupled with stereographic projection videos delivers the delegation an intuitive sense of technological visual effects. The YIZUMI advanced molding solution experience hall employs technologies such as dynamic 3D modeling, phantom imaging, and 3D visualization to showcase our core competitiveness and turnkey solutions, delivering strong signals of our cooperative, open, and win-win attitude.

The delegation then visits the YIZUMI China Wusha No.3 Factory, which is built with the concept of lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing instead of the traditional single machine and batch production mode. It emulates the assembly line operation mode in the car industry, integrating digital technology into the entire manufacturing processes, including ordering, product design, configuration, production, logistics, final assembly, and delivery, allowing the delegation to better understand our pursuit of lean manufacturing and intuitively experience the manufacturing of injection molding machines.

During the visit, we have in-depth conversations about the Singapore market expansion. The delegation highly praises our strong capabilities in molding equipment as well as our achievements in overseas markets.

According to the delegation, the tour offers them a great opportunity to learn more about the practical experience of a leading manufacturer in building digital factories, and to explore a way to the sustainable development of their own companies. At the same time, this meeting strengthens the collision of ideas and cross-border exchanges, providing new ideas for their future innovation.

In recent years, with the preference of global capital for investment in Southeast Asia, we have seized opportunities to continuously consolidate and improve its core competitiveness and brand influence, attracting a significant number of customers and partners.

Singapore is an essential part of YIZUMI's global value chain. We have steadily and actively expanded local multinational enterprises with the local agent Nah Industries in industries such as packaging, 3C electronics, home appliances, and so on.

In the future, we will continue to expand the local market, and strengthen our partnership with the local agent to actively respond to the needs of the local and neighboring markets with high-quality and high-performance products, as well as prompt and thoughtful service support, propelling our expansion in the Southeast Asian market.


SPETA was founded in 1982 and has a history of over forty years. It is a leading industry association in Singapore that serves and promotes the employment of advanced manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0 in the precision engineering industry, with the goal of becoming a professional and prestigious industry association. It now has over 300 active members, including local registered SMEs, MNCs, manufacturers and distributors engaging in precision engineering components, products, tools, equipment, and machinery, as well as companies that support and service industries such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and semiconductors.


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