Hyster now offers a series of large forklifts with Stage V-compliant motors for loads from 8 to 18 tons. This enables companies to better comply with emission regulations, increase their increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

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The Hyster® H8-18XD series of large forklift trucks with Stage V-compliant engines features low operating costs in terms of fuel and AdBlue® consumption - without compromising performance or without compromising performance or durability.

"We are constantly developing our solutions, taking into account the technological developments, changes in legislation and, above all, the requirements of our above all the requirements of our customers," says Jan-Willem van den Brand, Direct Global Market Development Big Trucks at Hyster. "In demanding applications, where cost pressures are constantly increasing, customers can rely on long uptime and low total cost of ownership."

The second largest cost factor for material handling equipment is usually the repair and replacement of tires. That is why the maximum steering angle of Hyster forklifts is is adjustable. If the operator selects a smaller angle, friction is reduced and this reduces and thus tire wear and costs.

"Avoiding downtime through service and maintenance can increase productivity and maximize and maximize profitability," says van den Brand. "That's why the main focus for the H8-18XD series of high-capacity forklifts, improved serviceability was a primary focus. foreground."

The maintenance intervals of the Stage V-compliant engines have been extended from 500 to 1,000 operating hours. In compliance with legal requirements, the Hyster H8-18XD series of large trucks rely on a combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), auxiliary fluid such as AdBlue and diesel particulate filter(DPF). Both exhaust aftertreatment units are easily accessible, in a box on thethe outside of the truck. In general, the large trucks with easy access offer fast maintenance with minimal downtime. In addition, a cleardisplay shows the most important performance data and on-board diagnostics.

The Hyster H8-18XD large forklift series is available with different wheelbases. For more productivity and less tire wear, the truck can be configured for optimum maneuverability in tight spaces. If space is not an issue, a model with a larger outer turning radius and lower weight will suffice. This can reduce fuel consumption and associated costs.

In a variety of configurations and custom designs, the trucks meet meet application-specific requirements. In the dusty environment of the paper or building materials building materials industry, for example, a fan with direction reversal improves cooling. Various attachments are available for the different loads of the wood industry.

In addition to redesigned masts and fork carriers, the truck series is equipped with the driver-friendly XD cab. With the industry's largest entry area, it makes it easier to get in and out. The quiet and comfortable cab is also roomy enough to wear a hard hat.

"When it comes to cab, mast and fork carriage design, good visibility, ergonomic design and comfort are important for consistently high productivity," says van den Brand "The more comfortable the operator feels, the more productive and also satisfied he is. In view of the shortage of skilled workers, this is more important than ever in many markets."

Redesigned mast and fork carriage provide better visibility of the fork tips forks, both on the ground and at trailer level. The large forklifts of the H8-18XD series offer operators even greater stability. A new cast iron counterweight counterweight minimizes sway by shifting the truck's center of gravity downward and down and to the rear.

"Various applications require precise handling of fragile, heavy loads in confined spaces. This occurs in the chemical, metal and construction industries, for example. Materials and employees are also in close proximity," explains van den Brand. "In such applications, a forklift truck must be able to perform at high
operate with precision. That way, it can maximize productivity and avoid costly damage avoid." Van den Brand concludes, "Our Hyster H8-series large forklifts. 18XD series of large forklifts, ranging from 8 to 18 tons capacity, simplify our product line while offering customers more choices for specific application application requirements."