Technology theft among German plant constructors?

District Court prohibits plant constructor “ZPF Foundry 4 GmbH” from selling copied dosing furnaces

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The "ZPF Foundry 4 GmbH" (Hochheim/ Germany) is no longer allowed to use its dosing furnaces of the "ThermDos" series for business purposes as these are based on design drawings of a competitor. A court order to this effect (ref.: 2-06 O 568/11) was issued by Frankfurt District Court on 28 November. The court maintains that the dosing furnaces of the ThermDos series were manufactured according to design drawings from "StrikoWestofen".

"ZPF Foundry 4 GmbH" is a subsidiary of the "ZPF Group" (Siegelsbach/ Germany) which specializes in the manufacture and sale of dosing furnaces for foundries. The young company from Hochheim sees its core competence in the "ThermDos" series of products. The court on 30. November prohibits the manufacture and sale of dosing furnaces of "ThermDos" type from now on.

We will work on getting a statement of ZPF Foundry 4 GmbH soon.

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