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The 10th China Foundry Association Congress Annual Meeting

The “2012 Annual Meeting of China Foundry Association” was held by the China Foundry Association on May 8th in Beijing. The annual meeting was the 2nd of this year in the “12th Five-Year Plan” with the theme of “transformation of the mode of economic development” as the major characteristic. Due to this reason, the meeting was given the theme “Accelerating transformation to force innovation”.

Special researcher of Counsellors Office of the State of Council, former Chief Economic Manager of State Statistics Bureau Yao Jingyuan and former Chief Engineer of Machinery Industry Ministry and Consultant of China Machinery Industry Federation, Zhu Sendi, gave a speech about the analysis of macro situation.

The experts of the foundry industry discussed further into depth and brought forward useful advice on structure adjusting. Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs displayed their presence in a thriving global enterprise.  The foundry industry participants of the United States and Japan also touched on the subject of global opportunities and green foundry industry.

Zhang Libo

Fan Qi (l.)

Rong Lihui (r.)

Zhi Xiaoheng

Wen Ping

Al Spada (AFS)
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