The 9th International German Die-Casting Day 2009 in Nuremberg

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On March the 18th the experts of the international die-casting industry came together at the exhibition centre of the NürnbergMesse GmbH.
The focus were papers from experts to experts. The event was initiated by the German association VDD (Verband Deutscher Druckgießereien) in co-operation with the BDG (Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie).

Mean topics were: „benchmarking of the German die-casting industry by international comparison“, „energy policy correlating to the climate protection“, „special risks of the foundry industry- for example radioactivity”, „risk management processes exemplified by a pressure die-casting enterprise”, „process optimisation simulation” and „ manufacturing superior die- castings in an economic way”.

The evening before IDRA invited to the foundrymen night. Over 170 persons enjoyed the great Italian buffet and the wine. Amusement and conversation were guaranteed by the illusionist Alexander Hartmann.

The Euroguss 2010 for the first time will take place in January. From the 19th to the 21th January the exhibition will open the worldwide range of die- casting events.

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